Thursday, 25 September 2008

Savings Stamps & Hamper Schemes

Morrison’s have a ‘miles’ scheme where you get points for every litre of fuel you put in your car and you can also buy savings stamps in store, said to be a good way of saving up for the extra outgoings on groceries at Christmas. You can buy stamps to save up to pay your phone and a few other bills and there are probably lots of other similar schemes about, but they’re the ones I know of.

Hamper and high-street voucher schemes also seem quite popular - several people I know have joined them and are looking forward to their Christmas goodies. The dairy our old milkman worked out of used to have a scheme where you paid in a couple of pounds a week and would receive all sorts of food delivered to your door. All sounds good and funky I guess, but what’s it really worth?

Well for one, you don’t get any interest on any of the above schemes. Points, tokens, stamps and the likes are worth nothing more than the money would be had it been sitting in a piggy bank in your kitchen. And what’s more, the money is in no way protected the way it would be if you’d put it into a savings account with a proper bank instead. Should Morrison’s or the dairy go bust, all that money would just disappear out of the window. Should the bank go bust, the government would have to step in and give the customers their savings back because that’s what they’ve pledged to do through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and it’s all part of the reason why we’re advised to use banks instead of stuffing the money under our mattresses (up to £35,000 is protected - way more than anybody would put into a stamp or hamper scheme!).

The strange thing is, it’s often those on a low income that use these stamp and hamper schemes believing they’ll help them budget even though most have access to a computer and could just as easily put the money into a savings account and use a spread-sheet to track how much is to go to what. That way they’d earn some interest on their savings and they’d know that whatever happened, especially in today’s unstable financial climate, there money would be safe.

It’s said that the rich are only rich because they’re canny with their money and I do believe that’s the truth. Using savings stamps and hamper schemes isn’t a canny (clever, for those who don’t understand our lingo) - you might just as well keep the money under the mattress instead.

Sharon J



  1. It happened a while back didn't it? With some christmas club savings scheme, they went bust and lots of people lost everything.

    Like you say, why should I give my money to anyone else for them to make interest and a profit out of my laziness. I would rather choose my own food too, I want to know what I'm eating, not be told what to eat... that makes for even more waste!

    I can't ever understand why people feel the need to save up for food for christmas, you can only eat as much as you can eat, right? Yes, buy a few bits in the coming months and yes you may have a few more mouths to feed, but NO you don't need to stuff your cupboards to excess with fancy foods that get wasted anyway...

    Oh dear give me a soap box Sharon!! I think it's best for me to take a blogging holiday when the christmas season comes... I might be the lucky recipient of hate mail if my comments are too Bah Humbug!

    I love your blog Sharon, it brings out the best in me ;)

  2. People who use these stamp and hamper schemes quite often don't have access to banks. They have poor credit ratings, and so are not given bank accounts; or they live in places where banks aren't, and have no easy means to get there.

    I loathe and detest the commercialisation of the festering season - we don't buy into it at all. We don't even buy presents for anyone but our daughter and grandson (no, not even for each other). Hate Hate Hate it and the penury people put themselves into.

  3. Well i do save up the morrissons vouchers only because I use so much fuel!

    I don't know why people buy so much food at Christmas, we just buy a few extra bits here and there, but in theory - how much more do you eat?

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  5. @ Emmani. Yes, it did happen. I don't understand why Christmas has to be so expensive either. I'm sick to death of it all and yet every year I bow under the pressure from my family to give gifts I can't afford. Not this year though. No way.

    @ Ramtops. I thought quite a few banks had special accounts for those with bad credit these days? They don't get a cheque book or a debit card but otherwise they can use it in the same way as any other current account.

    @ Apieceofwood. I'll grant you that Morrison's miles are different - if you're gonna buy petrol there then you might as well take the miles. Some people drive miles out of their way just to get them though, and surely that's no good for either their pocket or the environment?

  6. Can't see the problem with the savings stamps myself if it's run by a large company such as a supermarket. OK you don't get interest on them but then you're not going to spend that money on anything else. Just like the pot on the mantlepiece for the phone or the rainy day fund. It doesn't have to be for Christmas either - it could be for any special occasion or just a safety net. They are really devices that guarantee you spending your money in their store and the schemes often do offer club members special offers that will probably be to the value of any interest that could have been earned elsewhere.

    Because the schemes aren't earning interest they don't have to be invested and are therefore, theoretically at least, not at risk or at the mercy of investment bankers. And we all know how clever they are at managing our money.

    The protection scheme is going to need looking at now that only a couple of banks own everything. For instance you can only claim that 35k once if you had 35k with HSBC and 35 with First Direct as both are owned by HSBC. Now that Lloyds own Halifax RBS a lot of savers with funds in both should rightly be worried.

  7. Farepack wasn't it? I did feel sorry for those that lost as well as they had tried to do the right thing, just in what turned out to be the wrong way. We dont spend much at Christmas but saving for any event is best done, I always think, with a nice bank book which is updated by the bank/building whenever you pay in. The increasing balance always make me pay in more!

  8. @ Richard. Maybe they do have special offers but you're still tied to what that particular company thinks you need rather than a complete choice of products. As for the protection, I doubt there are that many people with more than £35,000 in savings using these schemes and even if there are, whether they lose over and above that to banks or to the hamper companies etc, is the same difference isn't it?

    @ Lizzie. I agree. At least with a bank you're free to use your money on absolutely anything you choose.

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