Friday, 29 February 2008

Boiling Frogs

Apparently, if you put a frog in boiling water it’ll frantically try to escape, but if you put it into a pan of tepid water it’ll feel comfortable and as the water heats up, will fall into a tranquil state, gradually allowing itself to be boiled to death without even noticing.

We humans, as intelligent as we may be, are acting like frogs!

When we first arrived (evolved) on this planet it was nice and lukewarm; a good, comfortable place to be. Everything we needed was provided for us. It seems to me that as we developed our intelligence so our ‘wants’ developed too; we were no longer satisfied to just cover our ‘needs’. We chopped down forests and woodland and killed more animals than we actually needed for food in order to satisfy our gluttonous demands and, perhaps worse, as entertainment, making many extinct along the way.

Eventually the alpha humans' greed and laziness led them to oppressing those who were easily manipulated. Instead of leading the pack, they tyrannised them. A few lived well at the expense of many. Eventually those alpha humans became dissatisfied with their lot, wanting even more and looked abroad, to far off lands, for more slaves to do their bidding.

But never happy with their lot, always seeking more, they then wanted machines to do the work. That way they could produce more and use their persuasive power to have the rest of the people want more, too. Soon factories were built, spewing out toxic waste both into the air and waterways, but still the majority had to work long hours, either in hazardous factory conditions or as servants in the homes of the rich.

The situation hasn’t really changed much.

We still have a few living in luxury while the rest of us sell our services in order to afford the products that the few would have us believe will make our lives as rich and meaningful as theirs. Buy this, buy that, buy, buy, buy – it’s the only way to be happy. The wealthy still have servants: nannies, au pairs, gardeners, body guards, personal shoppers, cleaners, dog walkers, etc. Just yesterday DD2 saw a celebrity in Selfridges with her bag carrier! These people are often paid nothing more than the minimum wage.

The water’s becoming dangerously hot now. How long is it before the pan boils?

While recycling is a good thing, avoiding products that need to be recycled is even better, as is buying items made under fair and safe conditions. Unfortunately it’s often small manufacturers that produce ethical goods and, price wise, they can’t compete with the ‘big fish’ and even if they can, producing products in an environmentally friendly manner often costs more.

But even most of us who are on a low income can afford to be ethical when we open our purses as long as we’re willing to give up the unnecessary luxuries that we’re told we need in order to be happy. Would I rather pay £5 a litre more for eco-friendly paint or buy a couple of CDs? As much as I enjoy music, the survival of the planet means more to me. Don't get me wrong, I do buy the occasional CD but if I can only choose one...

Only we, the ‘little people’ - the majority - can stop the pan from boiling. We can vote with our actions rather than at the polling booth. By ceasing to buy goods and services that aren’t both ecologically and humanely ethical, eventually they’ll disappear and be replaced with what the market’s calling for. It won’t happen over night, and shouldn’t, either. We can’t just switch from an economy based on growth to one based on sustainability without adjustments needing to be made and adjustment takes time. But we must start.

Nobody’s saying we should go back to living in mud huts and cooking self hunted meat over open fires, but we can develop a new way of living; one that’s both comfortable, healthy and ecologically sound.

Sharon J


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Chris said...

Hi Sharon!

Thanks for chatting on my blog! Would be great to keep in touch! I have family in Crewe so we might even get to meet one day!!!

Keep reading my blog and I will save yours to my ever growing favourites list!

Do you have an email address we can chat on too?

I do and so if you leave one ( if happy to!!!!) on my blog comments I won't publish it as my comments section is pre moderated!!!

Presume you "found" me through "a more green and simple life"?? Donna used to come to my craft group which I co-ordinate!

Speak soon...oh and thanks again for visiting!


Sharon J said...

Hi Chris,

Yes, I did find you via Donna and yes, I'd be happy to leave my email address. It's always nice to have contact with others who have an idea of what you're having to deal with in life, even though PEGs and central lines aren't quite the same.

I'm somewhat bothered these days by the huge amounts of waste my condition creates and what actually happens to it. I wonder if there's some way of finding out. Must ask my homecare company next time I speak to them.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to 'see' you over here again soon :)

Vicus Scurra said...

frogs are not as dumb as humans

Sharon J said...

Yet another myth, but it makes a good metaphore anyway.

I don't think any other creature's quite as dumb as us. If only we weren't so damned greedy, we might have used our intelligence in a sensible manner.

Chris said...

Hi! Got your email address and replied! Rejected the comment so its not published!

Yes indeed PEGS and central lines are different and there is possibly less "care"/information and support for PEG users hence my blog idea with PINNT's support and constant encouragement!

As for the rubbish is there anything which can be "recycled"? I know your recycling system in Cheshire is slightly different to ours and when visiting my sister I have to keep checking what I can throw away and where!! The children are great with it and are happy to "help" an aged aunt (LOL!!) and we have to do the same with them when they visit us eg guide and stop the wrong bins being used!

chat again soon!

The number of hits on my blog is growing every day as I spent hours telling people about it!!!

Sharon J said...

Sure things can be recycled, Chris. Paper can be made into new paper, beer and pop cans can be made into new ones and lots of products can be made into something entirely different with a little imagination. Even my wormery is recycling kitchen waste into compost and fertiliser.

Take care :)

K said...

Hi Sharon!
Thanks for visiting my blog. You probably saw that I linked you. I enjoy your blog and have been inspired by your endeavor. I will keep visiting. And I hope that your health improves.

Sharon J said...

Yes, I did notice. I've linked back :)

I think we can all help inspire one another - everybody has something to bring to the table :)

Anonymous said...

Well put!

Your blog has instantly become a source of inspiration and edification for me!

And thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog and the link. I've added you to my links as well!


Sharon J said...

Thanks, Krystal. It's nice to know that all this writing isn't being wasted and that it's actually inspiring somebody :)

I enjoy your blog too. As I've said before, we all have something we can add that others can learn from.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think that as long as we humans have the audacity and cruelness to think up, let alone conduct, such horrible tests, there is no hope for us.

Sharon J said...

I hate the thought that there's no hope, Cherry. If we can't believe in a future then everything, even our being here right now, just seems so pointless.

I do agree that we humans do some awful things, though. We're a wicked species, of that there's no doubt.