Saturday, 3 January 2009

101 List

I’ve decided to join the 101 Things in 1001 Days thing that so many seem to be doing.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

From: Thursday, 1st January, 2009
To: Thursday, 29th September, 2011

Yes, I actually started this on New Year’s Day but I forgot to post it. Doh! Never mind, I haven’t achieved anything yet anyway.

As I move through the list, items that are in progress will be shown in Red Italics
If an item has a strikethrough it’ll mean that’s it’s been completed.

Hopefully there will be lots of strikethroughs by the time 29th September 2011 arrives.

  1. Visit at least 3 countries outside the UK (0/3)
  2. Visit Lise in Norway twice (not included in above) (0/2)
  3. Spend at least three consecutive nights in a remote place by the coast somewhere in the UK
  4. Go camping for at least one night
  5. Visit Mum & Paul at least four times even though I hate London (unless she moves up here) (0/4)
  6. Go to the cinema alone
  7. Take Poppy to Joey The Swan (a local park) at least once a month from May - September
  8. Go fishing
  9. Go crabbing
  10. Visit the theatre at least three times (0/3)
  11. Take part in a pub quiz night
  12. See an opera performed live
  13. Tidy all the 'rubbish' in the garden (broken pots, bags of gravel etc)
  14. Write a letter to at least three friends who I rarely see (0/3)
  15. Send thoughtful gifts to three friends “just because” (0/3)
  16. Give a thoughtful gift to each my closest family members “just because” (1/4)
  17. Write a letter to Paul every month while he’s away (0/?)
  18. Befriend an old person (this means more than just say hello to them - the word FRIEND is key)
  19. Quit Smoking
  20. Get back to pre-smoking strength
  21. Go to bed before midnight for a week
  22. Dance my way through an entire song
  23. Get new glasses
  24. Get contact lenses
  25. Put on 20 kilos (1/20)
  26. Stay out of hospital
  27. Take a walk around the neighbourhood 3 times a week for four consecutive weeks
  28. Knit a Norwegian sweater
  29. Knit or crochet a blanket for the living room
  30. Knit or crochet a blanket for the bed
  31. Knit a cardigan for Mum
  32. Knit myself a jumper
  33. Crochet an item of clothing
  34. Knit 30 hats for the local preemie unit (0/30)
  35. Only buy yarn for specific projects rather than stashing it
  36. Use yarn from stash for at least half of my knitting projects
  37. Read 100 ‘new to me’ books (1/100)
  38. Buy a camera of my own (unless I receive one as a gift)
  39. Make curtains for kitchen
  40. Make chair cushion covers to match curtains
  41. Make a tote bag
  42. Hold a pot-luck buffet
  43. Eat only made from scratch meals for two consecutive weeks (some can be from the freezer)
  44. Try at least one local dish in any country I visit
  45. Teach LM to cook well enough to be able to follow a recipe and make up her own
  46. Compile a recipe book for both of my daughters
  47. Cook at least one meal I’ve never made before, once a week for four consecutive weeks
  48. Sort post as it arrives instead of letting it pile up for at least four consecutive weeks (hopefully this will create a habit)
  49. Switch to only pictures and ornaments that have a special meaning to me in the living room (most already do so should be pretty easy)
  50. Only decorate kitchen (when redesigned) with pictures and ornaments that mean something to me
  51. Have shelves put in bin cupboard to use for recycling
  52. Spend a whole day naked at home (remember to lock door and keep curtains closed!)
  53. Stay in a caravan
  54. Find an environmentally friendly hand/bath soap that I’m satisfied with
  55. Improve storage in bedroom to get rid of clutter in the black hole next to the bed
  56. Hang at least six more family photos on wall (0/6)
  57. Find and hang curtains for what’s now Paul’s room but will eventually be the guest room (get rid of roller blind)
  58. De-clutter entire house
  59. Get rid of rockery in front garden
  60. Have my kitchen completely redesigned and decorated
  61. Have the downstairs loo and back porch decorated
  62. Have a shower installed, bathroom decorated & new floor laid
  63. Have electricity installed in garden
  64. Switch bed for normal sized double bed (or maybe even a single!)
  65. Grow at least two types of vegetables (0/2)
  66. Have at least six pots of herbs growing simultaneously (and keep them alive for a whole season) (0/6)
  67. Acquire a gate-leg table and four folding chairs for the kitchen
  68. Finish painting two kitchen chairs (these will stand permanently next to above table) (0/2)
  69. Save at least £500 in an emergency fund
  70. Pay off credit card 1
  71. Pay off credit card 2
  72. Pay off loan
  73. Pay off all small debts
  74. Save 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins in my jar until it’s full
  75. Spend at least one Internet free day a week for six consecutive weeks
  76. Get at least half of the old photos digitalized
  77. Put photos in albums
  78. Get three quotes for landscaping the garden (0/3)
  79. Plant a blueberry bush
  80. Grow strawberries
  81. Get at least 20 minutes of sunshine on my skin whenever the sun shines during the warmer months (this is for my vitamin D deficiency)
  82. Find some kind of volunteer work that I can do (there must be something!!)
  83. Sponsor a child
  84. Start a “Special Needs” awareness group on Facebook (done: 04/01/09)
  85. Write a thank you letter to an author whose book I’ve particularly enjoyed
  86. Put all digital photos on discs
  87. Paint a garden ashtray
  88. Start using a calendar PROPERLY
  89. Find a wooden chest that can double as storage and seat for porch - get rid of shoe rack and replace with a console table
  90. Get a hair cut I’m happy with (haven’t found a hairdresser I’m happy with in my 7 years here so far)
  91. Keep a charity shop box and deliver every time it's full
  92. Buy/make all Christmas presents so that I have them ready to wrap by November 15th
  93. Build up a wardrobe I’m happy with using only second-hand clothes (apart from underwear & possibly footwear)
  94. Swim in the sea
  95. Build a sand castle
  96. Host a games night
  97. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  98. Start a memory box
  99. Buy and attach a bird feeder to the kitchen window
  100. Watch at least one foreign film with sub-titles (Norwegian not included)
  101. And one that I know what is but that I’m not willing to share with the world

I’m also going to award myself £5 for every item on the list that I achieve. Should I achieve them all (well, you never know) that’ll be £505 for me to spend on whatever I want!

I’m actually glad I’ve done this. It kind of gives a bit more structure to what I want to do. Mind you, life, abilities and priorities change so if anything changes I’ll amend the list to fit. It will be noted though.

Anybody else have a 101 list that I haven’t seen?

Sharon J xx


Image Credit: Keylosa


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Caroline said...

Good luck with your 101 list, Sharon. Some good ideas in there ...

apieceofwood said...

Good Luck Sharon!

wombat064 said...

What a great idea, well done.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Sharon. I love it!

Lizzie said...

goodness me woman, do you never rest?? I am going to pinch your photo idea too as I had a scanner for Christmas so no excuses!

Sharon J said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes. My determination is at an all time high right now but a little luck never goes amiss :)

Lizzie. I rest far too much actually. But I'm going to try changing that - hence needing to get stronger :)

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Sharon, once again yu have inspired me. I'm going to start my own list and post it in a few days. Was it difficult finding the 100? Have to get my thinking cap on, LOL. Take care, Margaret

Chris said...

WOW Sharon! I am exhausted at the thought! Think going to Joey the swan is a great one!! Think staying out of hospital is a fantastic one and the rest will keep you very busy at times! Enjoy it all! Well done on the amazing start! I feel very lazy now! Chris

Jade of the Jungle said...

Great list, Sharon! And happily all very acheiveable.

I'm going to do a mini list of resolutions next I think. It's good to have some goals.

Have responded to your email, let me know if you don't get it. Talk about a weird black hole in cyberspace!


Sharon J said...

Margaret. Let me know when your list is up as I'd love to have a peek at it. Always interesting to see what others are looking to achieve. I've been thinking about mine since just before Christmas so it took a while to decide on 101 things but it feels good to do it :)

Chris. You're far from lazy! All of what you get up to usually exhausts me ;)

Jade. Not sure whether staying out of hospital is achievable - sometimes things are out of my control, but I'm gonna do my darndest. Got the email :)


This is amazing and so inspirational. I've got loads of things knocking around in my head that would serve me well to put down in writing. Not sure I could manage 101 though. What a great list you've got. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well. :-Dx

Frugal Trenches said...

Oh it is so so wonderful! I can't wait to see you accomplish them!

livingmyrichlife said...

Awesome! I had planned to post my list of 101 things early this month, but to be truthful I haven't had the time to give it the thought it deserves. It's my goal to have my list done by the end of the month.

Thanks for the inspiration from your list!