Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Going It Alone

My daughter’s out tonight. Just recently she’s been spending more time than usual at home and definitely more time sitting in the living room actually wanting to talk to me. Every night this week so far and all but one last week. And the one night she was out last week was because it was her birthday so was taken out for a meal by some friends. She did make me a lasagne before she went though (my favourite - she hates it) and apart from an hour or two spent shopping in the morning, spent the day with me.

This is most unusual behaviour for her but I know what’s happening. She’s moving out in a few weeks and knows that this is the last of her time left being part of this place… being here whenever…. In the future it’ll be visits and that’s never the same. For the same reason I’ve been really enjoying her company.

We’re both heading off into the unknown now. I’ve just realised that I’ve never actually lived alone before. I went straight from my parents’ home to my married home and when that went tits up I had my children living with me. After 48 years I’m finally going it alone.

How we’ll cope remains to be seen but I’m optimistic.

Sharon J xx


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Cabbage Heart said...

The last to leave the nest is always the one you cling to, (so they tell me). I think there is alot of women out there in a similar situation. Straight from mum and dads to your new marriage and then single with kids till they grow up. I am not looking forward to my time when the kids grow up. I am more than positive I will remain single.


Sharon J said...

I'm not sure about the 'cling to' bit, CH, as I don't feel I'm doing that at all. On the whole, I feel pretty positive about her moving because I know the time's right for both of us. It's just going to be different... a new situation to get used to for both of us. I agree that there a lots of women in the same situation though being as it was still normal practise to move straight from parents to a relationship 'back then'.

Carol said...

You will do fine, a lot better than I think you think you will at the moment. Even pain in the arse me won't be coming home at weekends on a regular basis anymore, but when I do come it will be to yours. (I will be at mine this weekend with Sue by the way)I bet you find loads to occupy yourself with and then you will wonder how you ever got the time to chat. I will be put off with excuses about your emboidery and all sorts

Sharon J said...

Oh I know I'll find things to occupy myself with, Carol - that's never been a problem and I'm not worrying about living alone per se, it's more about how I'll cope (physically). Thankfully Sam does a lot to help out and I'm hoping the Occupational Therapist will have solutions to some of the problems but it's still a bit scary. Exciting too, though.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Any new challenge can be a bit scary Sharon but you are one hell of a resourseful lady and you will do great. And remember we are all out here, (some of us at the strangest early hours,LOL ) so you won't ever be lonely. Margaret

ps: this is from experience - they sometimes want to come back, LOL.

Sharon J said...

Margaret. Sometimes I think I'd go potty if it weren't for my online friends being around at the strangest times.

I've thought about the possibility of her coming back (my older daughter did for a year) but if that's the case, she'll have to have the little room because me and Paul are trading up :)

Anonymous said...

I cried buckets when my last one moved out and that was 4 years ago and I still am not used to it.

Sharon J said...

Anonymous. You must have had a very close relationship with your children. I don't think I'll react quite as badly, though. At least, I hope not :)

Linn Marie (Sharon's daughter) said...

Bye bye.

Sharon J said...

Blimey, Linn Marie, are you going already? I thought you were still clearing out your bedroom ;-)