Thursday, 5 March 2009

Blooming Marvellous

Are there daffodils blooming in your garden now? Or along country lanes, in parks, or maybe in your neighbour's front garden?

There are a good few beautiful golden blooms smiling at me from the garden these days and the miniature daffodils in the front are budded and ready to go any day now.

I don't think there's anything that lifts my spirits quite as much as seeing the daffodils bloom in spring. To me, it's the first major sign that the rebirth of nature has started and soon everything else will start to follow. The birds will be singing their crazy love songs, the trees will be budding and the insects will start to crawl out from their winter hideaways. Badgers, hedgehogs and other hibernating creatures will emerge from their long period of winter sleep and the sun will just keep getting stronger.

What a difference a daff can make.

Sharon J xx


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Laura @ move to portugal said...

I feel the same about daffs - there are my favourite flower for exactly the same reasons - the optimism of spring time.

Hope you're feeling ok today :)

Sharon J said...

Yes, that renewed optimism can be felt everywhere. The only good thing about British winters, I think, is that we wouldn't appreciate spring without them :)

Anonymous said...

no daffs here yet, at least, not the flowers, not that i've seen. mostly crocuses and winter primroses. can't wait to see my first daffodil - in the wild, i mean. There's lots in stores! (sadly).

Catz said...

I always think that daffs are the smiliest flowers! You can't help but be cheered up by them!

FiFi said...

Our daffs are poking their little heads up, but none are flowering yet. Plenty of crocuses and snowdrops though :-)

Thsi is one of my favourite times of year (summer's the best, but only if its a good one - NOT like last year!!) as it always holds so much promise.

I do disagree though Sharon, there are plenty of good things about Winter. Okay, so the long dark nights and the SAD aren't so good, but what about snow? What about beautiful deciduous tree skeletons on the landscape? What about a lovely real fire going in the grate, snuggled up with my darling hubby and the cats all curled up around us. There are some beautiful moments to be had in Winter. Honest!!

But still, I can't wait for long lovely summer evenings and warmer weather. My knees, hips and ankles can't take much more cold, wet weather!


FiFi xx

Sharon J said...

Kethry. I don't like that the stores sell them too early either. It takes away the excitement (rather like Christmas).

Catz. I love that - smiley flowers :)

Fifi. I used to love winter when I lived in Norway but British winters do nothing for me (maybe I've been spoiled). I'd love a real fire because central heating just doesn't do anything for me and I don't have a hubby to curl up with. I do have a cat and a dog though :)

Anonymous said...

We still waiting on ours to come out, planted 100's of all different types, sigh, wish they out now.

Sharon J said...

It's funny because the daffs around here were out long before those in London and Manchester last year - maybe we have a mini climate here that they like. I planted lots when we first moved in too but now I only have about 30 that bloom and shan't be planting anymore until I have my garden redesigned (although I've no idea when that will be). Those that do still bloom really make me smile though :)

Chris said...

The daffodils are out and have been for a couple of weeks here! Sunny Devon of course!!
The crocuses, iris , hyacinths etc are all there too!
A very lovely and colourful garden and tubs to enjoy!
And the birds are already singing early in the mornings!

R said...

Defintly agree with you, I love daffs too - every year my mum and I buy each other a bunch around Mother's Day - they always make me smile :)

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Daffodils give me hope for the future. I can remember opening my eyes after having double mastectomies and the first thing I saw was a gigantic vase of daffs, they gave me such promise. Oh dear, I'm going all teary here, I better go and try your lemon trick on the microwave, Margaret