Friday, 6 March 2009

What A Lemon!

Lemons are said to be nature’s own cleansers - they deodorize whatever they come in contact with, cut through grease and leave their beautiful, sharp fragrance behind to add a real whiff of freshness.

Use those sunny yellow fruits to clean worktops, chopping boards, the microwave, the inside of your fridge and just about any other place that needs cleaning and deodorizing.

Just cut a lemon in half and gently wipe it over the surface of whatever needs cleaning then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Throw the rind in the waste bin to help kill off any nasty smells there.

To clean a microwave, just pop a slice or two of lemon in a glass of water, zap in the micro for 30 seconds on the highest setting then clean off any loose residue with a barely damp cloth.

To dust and polish wooden furniture, just add a little olive oil to some lemon juice (just enough oil to give it a better polishing consistency) then use as you would any other wood furniture polish. It not only smells better than those spray polishes, it’s far better for the environment too.

Even ink stains can be removed with lemon juice so next time that pen in your top pocket leaks, just dip the effected area in lemon juice for about 15 minutes then wash as you normally would (using environmentally friendly washing detergent, of course).

And then, when you’ve finished your housework for the day, pop a slice of lemon in a glass of Cinzano and lemonade and just chill. Well it works for me.

Sharon J xx


Image Credit: alasam


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Coffee and Vanilla said...

Wow, what a great tips ;) Especially the one with pen ink... my kids always stain bed sheets.
Must try also to clean microwave your way :)
Enjoy your weekend, Margot

R said...

They are also pretty effective against ants too! More so than that ould Nippon syrupy sutff. Rx

Sharon J said...

Margot. Your microwave will sparkle :)

R. I forgot to mention that it's effective against spiders too. Apparently they smell with their feet so if you put some lemon juice in the water when you wash the floor, they don't like walking on it.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Sharon, you have raised the humble lemon to great heights. I love all the tips and the one I am going to put into practise as soon as I have finished writing this is the microwave one. I put some vege soup in today to heat up and it sort of, well, popped. Yes all over the place. I'll let you know if it works. Margaret

R said...

Ooh, I'll let my mum know about the spiders, she really doesn't like them so she'll be pleased! Thanks :) Rx

Lizzie said...

Hi Sharon
I marked the top of my stainless steel cooker by using cillit bang (I had it in the cupboard for some years so I thought i ought to use it up, but l maybe it get stronger with age?). Rubbing it with half a lemon every time we use one has almost got rid of the stains. Nothing else would touch them.
Lets hear it for lemons!

Betsy Bargain said...

Thanks for the great tips about what to do with lemons. Where I live in Southern California they are everywhere, so it's nice to learn of a few new uses for them!

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What is the percentage of acid in an average lemon?
How do I find out and where do I get this information for my science fair project?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tips Sharon. I will pass on the spider one to Jennie as she has a morbid fear of them!
Lemon juice is also a good bleach for delicate fabric. When Jennie was baptised JW fished out a family robe which was rather ancient fine silk, which had faded to dark ivory. I nervously handwashed it and soaked it in water with lemon juice added and it came up beautifully (and didn't disintegrate. lol

Lillie said...

I never thought about the many wonders of the lemon. Seems like a miracle worker. I will definitely give it a try.