Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Global Warming? I Don’t Think So!

During the early hours of this morning, at about 1am, we had an earthquake. Apparently the epicentre was in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire but we felt it pretty violently here in South Cheshire. The house felt as thought it was shaking from side to side, the ceiling lamps were swinging and even the dog started barking. The wild birds all woke up and have been singing their hearts out since. Poor things probably fell off of their branches!

I was upstairs at the time and at first I thought something had exploded downstairs. The boiler perhaps. I rushed down only to find everything was as it should be and realised that it must have been an earthquake. I’ve felt a few before but never one of that magnitude. According to the BBC, it was on a scale of 5.3 making it the biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years.

Does it have something to do with global warming? People on forums and stuff are saying it does but I’m not so sure. Earthquakes have been happening all over the UK for a long time and certainly since they started being investigated and recorded in 1889. They do tend to be more prevalent on the western side of England and Scotland with Wales getting their fair share too, though. Ireland, oddly enough, has only had one in that time.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the planet IS suffering due to our human selfishness but I don’t think this earthquake is proof of that; it’s just that some people like to attribute everything to climate change. I guess it gives them something to tut-tut about.

Sharon J

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Richard said...

I wondered if you'd felt it. I was up at that time and don't think I felt it down here. I probably would have thought it was the main drainage pigging anyway because that always feels like a tremor. I can't believe people can attribute an earth tremor to global warming. If anything it's the other way around!

Sharon J said...

I doubt you'd have mistaken it if you'd felt it the way we did, Richard. I honestly thought they'd been an explosion because it felt as if the house was about to cave in.

There will always be scaremongers around who are so wrapped up in global warming (and I'm by no means saying that it isn't a problem and that we shouldn't be concerned) that they'd say that geese flying in the wrong formation was caused by it.

Richard said...

I saw the CCTV pictures on the news of the shop fitments rattling. It looked a bit bigger than the one you slept through in 2002 :)

Sharon J said...

I definitely wouldn't have slept through this one - it felt as though somebody was shaking the bed! I was so wide awake afterwards that I didn't get to sleep until well gone six and was awake again at 9. Gonna be shattered this evening, me thinks.