Friday, 22 February 2008

Just Another Day


Yesterday was a pretty non-productive day. I was tired, felt weak and didn’t do very much at all. I finished reading a book, watched some TV and took in the fortnightly grocery delivery. After putting that lot away, with help from DD2, I put on a wash and then sat down with some sewing. Hand sewing relaxes me so although I’m doing it's as a housekeeping task it's something I really enjoy and certainly isn't a chore. Before going to bed I hung the washing on the clothes horse so that it would be dry by morning. Only it wasn't. Well, the tea clothes and dish clothes were but not the towels, they need a bit longer.

I’ve almost finished the side panels of the curtains now so I'll soon be starting on the ruffled bit that will go at the top. I’ve made them from a duvet cover that I bought at Ikea. It was just the right colour and pattern and there’s plenty of fabric left to make other things with. Maybe a table cloth, maybe I’ll recover the chair pads; I haven’t quite decided yet. I should also get a little side curtain for the back porch door out of it too. And there are two pillow cases along with the cover so perhaps I’ll make some napkins or some basket linings. Considering the whole set - single duvet cover and two pillowcases - cost just £5.99, I’m sure you’ll agree that I’ve got plenty of value for my money.

I’m hoping today will be a bit more productive but I can never tell. I can feel full of energy one minute then totally sapped the next. I really do need to press on and sort out my wardrobe and chest of drawers though so I’m hoping I can at least do part of that today.

It's very windy out today and the sky is lead grey.

Sharon xx

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Debi said...

Just keep on keeping on, honey. It's clear you're celebrating every success, no matter how small, so please don't be too hard on yourself. You're an inspiration for living life to the fullest! Whingers take note! xxx

Sue said...

Sharon, I'm so happy you're still blogging, even if it isn't at the water butt.

I've been the usual bad Blogger for far too long now and I miss having the time to visit. I do try and catch up when I can (I used to keep track of your other Blog via email alerts). Be assured that even if I don't have chance/time to comment I'll be around somewhere lurking.

I agree with Debi that you're an inspiration. You know I empathise with you on the 'non-productive day' - as we speak I'm in bed having one of my 'duvet' days.

I love the sound of the curtains you're making (I'm hopeless at sewing!). I wish we had an Ikea near here, because they certainly sound like good value for money!

Try and let yourself enjoy taking things easy especially on the days you have no other alternative. I'm trying to be kinder to myself too, and it does make a difference when you take the guilt away.

Popping back into lurkdom now - is it okay with you if I add this Blog to my links?

Sue xx

Sharon J said...

I do try to look at what I achieve rather than what I don't achieve Debi, but there are times when I can't do very much at all and everything gets into a right old state here and that's when I start feeling down about what I haven't been able to do. Sometime I also have a damned good whinge about it, too! But at the end of it all, you just have to pick yourself up and get on with it because there's really no alternative.

Sue! Lovely to see you here. After spending the morning at the dogs' home, I'm now having a 'duvet' day too :) You're not a bad blogger, you just do what you're able to do. Nobody can expect more than that. It's nice to know you're around though.