Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Ridding The Clutter


Today I've made a start on the, for me, enormous task of decluttering my bedroom. It was in such a mess that it was making me miserable. A bedroom should be a haven whereas mine resembled an unkempt tat shop storage room.

Because I have a lot of medical related items that need to be stored close at hand (and believe me, when I say a lot, I mean a LOT), there never seems to be anywhere to put anything. I’ve rearranged things before but still the clutter mounts up. Today I decided that things had to go.

My energy levels have been quite good today so I was able to press on and get quite a bit sorted. I’ve thrown several carrier bags of cosmetics (why do I have years old lipsticks and sticky old nail varnishes?) and lots of other tat. At least half of my jewellery (that’s costume jewellery, not valuable stuff as in gold that I could sell) has been rehomed in the charity shop bag and I’ve filled three bin bags full of other rubbish. Why on earth was all this cluttering up my bedroom in the first place?

I’m not finished though. I haven’t even started on the wardrobe, chest of drawers and the pile of toot that I keep beside my bed. I can see The British Heart Foundation are going to do well out of me by the time I’m finished. For a start, most of the clothes I have are size 16-18 and I’m now a size 12. And although I don’t intend to stay this size (my goal is a size 16 again – I felt happy that way), it’ll be a loooong time before I could even think about wearing any of them again and I'm going to need other clothes in the meantime. There's no question about it, I need to be ruthless. No matter how lovely I think a dress is, it’s going to have to go! I’ll scour the charity shops and eBay for some spring/summer clothes that are practical and comfortable, but I WILL NOT CLUTTER UP MY LIFE WITH THINGS I DON’T USE ANYMORE!!! What do I want with a dozen 'posh' dresses when I rarely go anywhere dressy anyway? Clutter causes me stress and life already has enough pressures without adding extra, unnecessary stress to it.

As William Morris said, if you don’t find something useful or particular beautiful to look at, you don’t need it. That, from now on, will be my mantra when decluttering.

The Rising Sun, Wistaston, Crewe

Today is DD2’s 19th birthday so we’ll be going for a pub meal this evening. There’s a lovely pub called The Rising Sun just a five minutes drive from us but it’s out of town and has a real country feel to it. The food isn’t the cheapest so that won’t help much towards my promise to be more thrifty but I’ve found that the cheaper pub restaurants around here just don’t cut it anymore when it comes to the quality of the food. I’ve been disappointed too many times so I’d rather spend an extra few quid and get something we can really enjoy. Anything else is just false economy. And a birthday does only come round once a year!

Sharon xx

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happyhippychick said...

I really need to have a good old declutter, I find it so good... like a great weight has lifted from me

Sharon J said...

I know exactly what you mean, Rae. I think the onset of spring tends to set people off on a decluttering frenzy, I just haven't been very successful in keeping it that way before. Hopefully that'll have changed now.

qotd said...

The Rising Sun - I used to take my son there on nice barny Sunday afternoons in the summer - this was years ago when it had a play area - we used to have a nice meal and then he'd climb around for a bit while I supped on a glass of wine... happy days... :)
Of course they have no play area now, but the last time I went was when I went for my 20 week scan at the hospital, we found out we were having a daughter and stopped off there for a drink (coke for me!) and to ring everyone to let them know the news... more happy days, it was only last year!

Sharon J said...

How nice that you have good memories of The Rising Sun. I didn't know they used to have a play area, but then considering I didn't even live in this country at the time, I'd hardly have gone there :-) I wonder why they removed it? Probably new owners who didn't really want it to be a family pub.