Monday, 2 June 2008

Alternative Vases

Photo: TengTan

While I’m not ungrateful when somebody buys me a huge bouquet, it’s generally the small bunches of wild flowers or perhaps a few stems picked from the jungle of weeds garden that bring me the most pleasure. I generally have at least one bunch in the house during summer, if not more, and use all sorts of things as ‘vases’.

I use

  • Empty jars. Some are pretty in their own right, others can be decorated with a length of lace, wide ribbon or piece of crochet.
  • Pretty mugs
  • A pretty cup and saucer
  • A gravy boat. Useful for laying a few stems along
  • An old china sugar bowl
  • A vintage tin box
  • An old pewter teapot – looks lovely with the lid up and lots of flowers flowing over it.
  • A couple of vintage bottles
  • An old-fashioned perfume bottle (the type made of glass with a stopper

These things can make beautiful gifts when filled with flowers, too.

I love finding new uses for things and nothing’s ever disposed of here before some thought has been given to whether its life can somehow be prolonged, and if something’s beautiful and useful then as far as I'm concerned I'm on to a real winner :)

Sharon J

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