Friday, 6 June 2008

Fattening Up

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Well it finally looks as if I’m heading in the right direction, health wise, again.

After five months of feeling as if every last micron of energy had been sucked out of me, rapid weight loss to the point where there was absolutely no fat left on me, I’ve started to pick up some strength and have put on 4 kilos this in about the same number of weeks. Now I know that’s not a lot but when you’ve got used to seeing the electronic digits of the scales blink at you with an ever decreasing number for far longer than is either pleasant or safe, seeing that number actually increase is A VERY GOOD THING. My size 12 clothes also fit me now and although I'm still a long way from the size 16 I'd like to be (I'm tall and heavy built), a 12 is better than a 10.

After lord knows how many tests, a blood transfusion, surgery, two hospital stays, weeks upon weeks spent at home in bed too weak to walk to the bathroom let alone go up and down stairs or out of the house, the big man himself at the Intestinal Failure Unit of Salford Royal (formerly Hope Hospital) managed to crack the remaining problem that was still holding me back. I was lacking vitamin D.

A quick jab in the bum and instructions to spend half an hour in the sun without sun screen every time it’s out seem to have done the trick. Just a couple of days following the jab I was already feeling more energetic than I had for months and although we haven’t had much sun to get excited about, I do make sure I get out in it for my half hour when it does put in the odd appearance.

All this was about three weeks ago now. On Wednesday I did some dusting in the living room then drove into town, walked about 50 meters to the Caribbean shop, had a look round, walked back to the car (was struggling a bit by this time - the PVD in my legs doesn't help) and drove to the park. There I walked about 25 meters to the nearest bench, sat in the sun with a cheese sarnie that Richard had prepared and fed the ducks. Back home and I was knackered. I went up to bed for a nap but instead of staying there, I got up again in the evening and drove to the garage because I wanted something nice as a treat. I know those extra carbon emissions weren’t good but there's no way I can walk that far (about 300 meters) and I really did feel I deserved a treat and thoroughly enjoyed the melon, pineapple and grape salad that I bought. It felt good to be back to doing something reasonably normal.

Yesterday I expected to be totally knocked out but no, once my feed had finished and I’d unhooked from my pump, I was up and about again. I didn’t do much, I admit, just pottered about a bit but mostly relaxed, but that was nice. A friend popped over in the afternoon with a huge piece of beef fillet baked inside a bread type thing (which I’m sure has a name but I’m blowed if I know what it is but name or not, it’ll become tonight’s dinner). We sat in the garden, me with my trackie bottoms rolled up, getting some Vitamin D, and spent a couple of hours catching up. In the evening Richard went out to the ice-cream van bought me a cornet before going back to his own house. Life was good.

Today I’ve been in bed. Not because I feel particularly weak but because A) I know I still have to pace myself and B) I fell asleep without hooking up so had to do it at 4am which means I’m stuck on my pump until about 5pm. I could use the rucksack that I can put the feedbag and pump into (specially made for the purpose) so that I’m mobile but it’s too heavy for me at the moment. Better to just enjoy a duvet day. Tomorrow’s another day and I shall be up and about again.

I might even get to the boot market this Sunday.

I still have some tests that need to be carried out. One is to check for osteoporosis and the other is to try to find out why my blood pressure is so ridiculously low, but I can deal with them. Everything’s easier when you feel good, isn’t it?

Sharon J xx


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remodelingthislife said...

I am so glad you are improving! Hugs!

Sharon J said...

Thanks, Emily. Your hugs feel all warm and wooly :)

Chris said...

Hi! Lovely to read this Sharon. Hope the next few days will find the sunshine out and that you will be able to sit out for your half an hour.

Sharon J said...

I hope so too, Chris. According to the weather forecast it's going to be warm with the odd shower over the weekend so I shall make sure I get that sun while it's about :)

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you've had a really rough time but you're clearly a very strong lady. Well done on getting through this.

Hope you enjoyed the cornet and that the sun shines for your boot market trip tomorrow.

Sharon J said...

Oh I definitely enjoyed the cornet, Elizabeth. As for the sun, it didn't look promising today but that could change tomorrow. Time will tell :)