Sunday, 8 June 2008

A Super Sunday

What a beautiful day it’s been. The sun’s been shining from a clear blue sky, and the day has been good to me, health wise.

It started bad – I woke with my heart pounding and tears running down my cheeks after the most horrendous nightmare I’ve ever had. It’s still clear in my mind but I keep pushing it away. It’s just too awful to think about. That was at about 7 this morning.

I got up, sat in the garden for half an hour or so then pottered about in the house for a bit. At around 9 I picked up Richard and we headed to one of my favourite places: the car boot market!

Strangely enough, it wasn’t as packed as I’d imagined it would be on such a lovely day, which was good for me as it meant it was much easier to browse the stalls. I got lucky.

I found this chair for just £10 and it’s practically new! It even still has its tag on!

When my legs are bad I need a chair that’s relatively high as the sofa’s just too low to get up from. I had another, similar, wing-backed chair but the colour – terracotta and cream - was all wrong. This one fits in with my plan for future decorating far better. Richard has now taken the original chair to his house where it fits better with his planned colour scheme. It’s good to share :)

I also found this cup and saucer.

I think it’s quite beautiful and will look lovely in the lounge filled with flowers. A snip at 50p (pardon the pun – it really was unintentional).

On the same stall I found a cut glass vase. Another 50p was duly handed over. It'll look pretty displayed in any of my rooms. Well, once they’ve all been redecorated, that is. The house is a work in progress but I plan to gradually change the entire place – it’s just a matter of doing it on a budget. A very tight budget.

I also found an interesting cookery book for 25p and a Maeve Binchy paperback for the same price. You really can’t go wrong, can you?

After dropping Richard back home I popped to Charlene’s (my ‘almost’ daughter) and sat in her garden for an hour before heading back home and spending another hour in my own garden. I couldn’t sit still though – I kept getting up and pottering about and that just wasn’t doing my legs any good. I knew I shouldn’t push myself too hard so I went back inside and spent a couple of hours resting on the bed.

At 4 o’clock, Richard arrived, ready to do some digging for me.

I needed a few hebes taken from their too small pots (where they’ve been living for a couple of years now) and planted in the ground. It wasn’t a huge job but too much for me and I really didn’t want to lose them. This is how they look now.

Once that job was finished, he went inside and started on the dinner. Nothing too challenging – skinny fries with bernaise sauce. Well it's what I fancied and it tasted delicious.

Now I’m back upstairs, attached to my pump for the night and resting.

Yes, it’s definitely been a good day.

Sharon J xx


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Richard said...

You didn't use the one with my trousers rolled up then?

Anonymous said...

I love the chair - and what a steal! Congratulations on your great thrifty finds! :)

Sharon J said...

I thought better of it, Richard. Your bum looked huge in those photos ;-)

I love the chair, Kikimonkey. It's so easy to get up from when my legs are playing up (like this evening - boy, was I glad I have it) as it's higher than the original I had. I still can't believe I got it for a tenner.

shabby chic said...

Hi I love your thrifty finds and the chair is lovely too. They are great for making you sit properly, my one makes me!. The teacup is lovely extra nice with a biscuit on the side waiting to be dunked!
take care xDom

Chris said...

Great to hear you had such a good time Sharon! Loads of time in the sunshine too!!

I never seem to be in the right place for bargains! .........maybe I need to look more closely but my energy levels have dropped qand its getting hard to stay hydrated in the heat!

Catz said...

You did well with the chair Sharon! What a bargain. I too find them very easy to get out of.
Love the tea cup also! So glad you had a good day!

Sharon J said...

I agree, Shabby Chic, they do help with posture. Once upon a time I thought they were old fashioned and uncomfortable but as I’ve got older I’ve changed my opinion. They’re a classic design that are actually very comfortable.

Chris. I do sympathise with the energy levels problems – after 5 months of being stuck in either the house or hospital, it’s wonderful to feel my energy levels rising. Not that they’re at the level I’d like them to be yet, but I’m getting there. As for hydration, yes that is a problem but oddly enough my body seems to have adjusted to its situation so that I no longer sweat much in the heat. I can’t move about in the sun for too long though.

Thanks for the comment, Catz, and welcome to my blog. I’m glad you like the tea cup. I’m a sucker for beautiful things :)