Saturday, 2 August 2008

I Believe...

I believe that we should all…

  • ...marry a man/woman who we really enjoy talking to. As we age, their conversation will be invaluable when it comes to keeping the relationship strong and interesting.
  • ...choose our friends carefully. It’s important they share at least some of our core values or there will be nothing to build a bond upon.
  • ...always look the person in the eye when we say sorry. That way they’ll see that we mean it. Words alone mean very little.
  • ...always mean what we say but don’t always say what we mean.
  • careful what we wish for - it may well come true in an unexpected and not so pleasant way.
  • ...look for the simple joys in life that surround us every day.
  • ...never judge a person by their relatives. We’re all capable of building our own lives irrespective of our upbringing. However, their choice of friends can give a pretty good indication of who they are and what they stand for.
  • ...never let others decide how we should live our lives, even subconsciously. Your life is unique and only you know what’s right for you. Be true to yourself. Your opinion of YOUR life is the only one that really matters.
  • about future generations by thinking about the impact our actions are having on the planet. This is the only planet we have and we can’t afford to change it so much that it's no longer capable of sustaining life as we know it.

  • ...consider what impact our actions or words, even those said in jest, may have on other people. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is utter rubbish. Words DO hurt.
  • ...offer advice but never expect others to take it. We should make it clear that we understand that everybody has the right to make their own choices. Anything else is tantamount to bullying.
  • polite. Good manners cost nothing but the lack of them can be very costly indeed.

Sharon J x


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Catz said...

Excellent post Sharon! I should hate to be judged on some of my relatives! :)

Sharon J said...

Me neither, Catz. But then being as I've been told I'm no longer part of one side of the family (because of something I didn't even do), I've no doubt they feel the same way about me ;-)

Frugal Trenches said...

This is simply wonderful, I'd love to print it out and keep it in my dayplanner as a reminder!

remodelingthislife said...

Beautiful, Sharon! I may just make my own list!

apieceofwood said...

Great post!

Gavin said...

Cool post Sharon. It made me think (only for a second) if I was guilty of some of those sins!

Sharon J said...

Glad you enjoyed the post, folks.

Please feel free to print it, FT, if you think it'll be of any use to you.

shabby chic said...

hi Sharon
that post was lovely and very thoughtfull x

Pat said...

I think being polite is something to many people forget, especially young people. Like you wrote it doesnt cost anything to be polite so there's no excuse.

Sharon J said...

Thanks, ShabbyChic. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Pat. I do agree that a lot of people need to remember what being polite means but I really don't think that the younger generation are necessarily the worse offenders. You can read my opinion of that here.

Just the other day I was given an 'earfull' by a bloke who must have been well into his sixties, just because I parked a little too close to his car. If he'd just asked me to move a bit I would have been happy to but he had to have a go at me as if I'd deliberately tried to stop him from getting to his car!