Monday, 18 August 2008

I’ve Been on Holiday!

Ok, so I haven’t been on holiday as in the usual sense of going on holiday, but I’ve still been on holiday. Let me explain.

A while ago I decided I’d try to recreate a meal that Richard and I had both enjoyed during a holiday in Tenerife a few years ago. It was a relatively simple meal - just pork steaks in a creamy mushroom sauce with sautéed potatoes and a salad but there was something about it that was incredibly more-ish. As I’d found a recipe for Spanish style sautéed potatoes, last night I made the meal. LM wasn’t home so it was just a meal-for-two eaten by candlelight (a stab at being romantic) and, even if I do say so myself, was actually quite delicious.

While we were eating Richard commented that the sound of the kitchen fan that was extracting steam was somewhat reminiscent of the air-conditioning in the restaurant where we’d first enjoyed the meal I’d tried to recreate. I agreed and we were transported back to Los Cristianos.

After our meal, whilst still in the ‘holiday mood’, I suggested that as I don’t need to hook up to my feed pump on Saturday evenings, we could drive to his and I could stay over there. I haven’t been away anywhere this year, not even for a night, and really felt like ‘getting away’, even if it was only to the other side of town.

You’ll probably think we’re daft as brushes but because Richard hasn’t been able to lay carpets or install much furniture yet (he’s also living frugally - things will happen when they’re meant to), there’s a lot of echo there so we pretended we were in a caravan. Ok, childish it may be, but it was fun and that’s what mattered.

For breakfast we had a traditional English fry-up (not healthy, I know, especially after a thick sauce and sautéed potatoes the night before, but you have to indulge yourself sometimes and we were on holiday!) and then, for lunch, we decided we’d head for Scandinavia and have a my favourite smørbrød (open faced sandwich) - a slice of thick white bread with prawns and mayo on a bed of lettuce and garnished with red pepper and a slice of lemon (for squeezing over the mayo and prawns). Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, Richard, for going out to Asda especially to get the prawns.

Then, once lunch was digested and a cup of coffee had been enjoyed (another rare treat for me), we jumped in the car and headed for the countryside, choosing narrow B-roads that we hadn’t explored before. We passed through some beautiful places that are right on our doorsteps before stopped by the canal (Trent & Mersey - although I‘ve no idea just where we were) to eat a custard doughnut and drink our cartons of 12-fruit juice before taking a short stroll along the tow path.

This was, beyond any doubt, the most enjoyable 24 hours I’ve spent so far this year and proves that real pleasure can be found in simple things - it’s just a matter of using your imagination.

Sharon J


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Anonymous said...

sounds just great Sharon.. goes to show you don't have to do fancy, expensive things to have a great time.

Richard said...

Goes to show that spontaneity doesn't just have to involve grand gestures. Best weekend I've had in ages. Thanks x x

Sharon J said...

@ apieceofwood. I honestly couldn't have enjoyed it more had we spent hundreds on a weekend away at a posh hotel. Definitely not.

@ Richard. Thank you, too x

Cottage Smallholder said...

It can be hard at this time of year when everyone seems to be jetting off or just being on holiday for a couple of weeks.

Your holiday sounded so much more fun!

Impromptu anything softens the soul!

Pink Bunny Ears said...

Sharon...i have been reading your blog daily for some time now and gurl - is the best i can come up!
you so truly inspire and help me remember the simple things in life...
please keep blogging - i am not the only one who starts each day reading your blog and remembering salads, portions, cherries and amazing vacations that happen at home!
you are an amazing woman!

Sharon J said...

@ Cottage Smallholder. I may not be able to go dashing off for a weekend at the drop of a hat anymore but I can still enjoy a break away from home. What's more, I doubt the whole thing cost us more than a fiver (plus petrol) :)

@ Pink Bunny Ears. Blimey, I don't know what to say. Amazing? No, just a pretty ordinary woman trying to get the most out of a somewhat restricted life. If I manage to inpsire others through that though, then it makes it all the more worthwhile. Thank you :)

Catz said...

Wow around the world with Sharon! What a great idea. So glad you had a lovely time!

Pink Bunny Ears said...

Sharon - ordinary and amazing have throughout history gone hand in hand!
you soooo rock girl....and are having such an impact with your real-ity and your real-isms! your blogs are sooo inspiring!!
please - remember that people are truly inspired by you....and be who you are and write what you write the way you write it....
you are really something else girl...what we would call a visionary!
crap - you are soooo freakin amazing!

Sharon J said...

@ Catz. Our imaginations can take us to the most amazing places :)

@ Pink Bunny Ears. Get outta here! My head will be too big for me to get through the door soon ;)