Saturday, 23 August 2008

Financial Goals

I recently read a post on Saving4Later where the author of the blog tries to list her 20 financial goals as advised by the author of a book she was reading. She was only able to list five.

I thought it sounded like an interesting exercise so I tried writing my own list. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Save £2,000 for new kitchen.
    I really need my kitchen re-fitted and completely re-decorated so this is one of my number 1 goal at the moment.

  2. Save £3,000 in an emergency fund.
    Everybody should have one.

  3. Pay off ALL debts.
    By December 2009, if things stay on track, I should be debt-free. Never again!

  4. Save £500 for a bonding holiday with LM.
    I've had a holiday with just Lise alone but not with LM. That needs to be rectified. Spending time together, discovering new places is a good bonding experience.

  5. Save £1,000 for a bonding holiday with both my girls.
    I’ve had a few short bonding breaks with my girls but never one with both together (alone, without males around) so I’d really love to go away somewhere warm with them and just enjoy being together.

  6. Save £2,000 for a holiday in the Maldives with Richard.
    We’ve dreamt of this for a long time now. One day we’ll get there. I hope. Probably when we're old and grey but even so....

  7. Save £1,000 for a holiday in Cuba.
    I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba and haven’t given up on the idea yet.

    (These are the only holidays I really want - anything else is just a bonus. I did offer to take Paul away recently but he refused; he's perfectly happy just plodding through life, living VERY simply)

  8. Save at least £50 per month in pension scheme.
    I started this a few years back but dropped it because I just couldn’t afford it anymore. Paying off the debts had to come first. Once they’re paid, I’ll take up paying into this again. If I don’t, I’m gonna end up one very poor pensioner.

  9. Use one credit card for earning cash-back.
    Once the debts are paid off I’ll continue to use the card that gives me cash back whenever I make expensive purchases. I won’t use it unless I have the money ready to pay it with though.

  10. Save enough to give the house a complete make-over.
    Once the kitchen’s finished, I intend to start on the rest of the house, one room at a time.

  11. Save enough to give the garden a complete make-over.
    The garden’s a shameful sight - I need to have it redesigned so that it’s easy maintenance with space to grow some native plants and shrubs as well as a few veggies.

Hmmm… that’s it. I can only get to elleven. I really can think of anything else I'd need large amounts of money for.

Sharon J


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emmani said...

Good luck Sharon!! It's beautiful that most of your wishes are for quality time with your family and not material things... It shows that your heart is in the right place.

Do you play the lottery?

Sharon J said...

If I were healtier I'd take them camping or something because that'd be cheaper, but I can't. I'm not entirely sure what we'll do yet but something that suits us all :)

As for the lottery, no. I have more chance of saving the money than winning it.

Pat said...

I hope you get those holidays sharon. You deserve them.

Anonymous said...

Nice post - makes you think doesn't it about your own financial goals!

Love some of yours! Am sure you'll get there!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all these goals Sharon. I like No 3!

Sharon J said...

@ apieceofwood. It does make you think, yes. And it isn't as easy at it first seems to be.

@ MovetoPortugal. Number 3's the most important one - while I have debt I'll never feel free. Using my CC to get cashback is another important one though, because when I can do that, it'll be me in control of the credit card and not the debt controlling me anymore.

Jennifer said...

HI Sharon
Another school of thought is to use the cashback credit card for everything in the world you actually make a purchase on including RIGHT NOW. Then at the end of the month, pay it off with the money in your usual checking account. That way you are earning cashback all the time......if you're not familiar with give it a whirl. I spend a lot of time on that site!

take care

Sharon J said...

Hi Jennifer. I visit regularly and have picked up lots of information that's helped me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've recommended it in an earlier blog post but that was probably before you started visiting.

I have used my card for cash-back on some items but at the moment that card is almost maxed out and I'm only making minimum payments. I'm snowballing them, with the one that has the highest interest getting the most attention because that's what makes most financial sense to me. I have that and another to concentrate on before it'll be the turn of the cash-back card. Once I'm able to throw some more at that, I'll use it for cash-back more often.

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Sharon, great list, we made similar one on the paper and my partner is collecting now all receipts, putting them in Excel so we know if we are getting closer to achieve our goals.

Talking about lassi:
Lassi is a drink from India, it is like a milk shake or a smoothie, prepared from yogurt / milk and fruits, spices, vegetables. It can be sweet or savoury drink served itself or as an addition to the meal.

Sharon J said...

Thanks for letting me know about Lassi. You learn something new every day :)

Good luck with your financial planning.