Sunday, 2 March 2008

Social Bag Making

Fed up with plastic carrier bags?

Why not get together with some friends and make some 'morsbags'?

The idea is to create a 'pod' of people, or join an existing one, who all sew these simple shopping bags and, when they have enough, distribute them free to shoppers in the hope that fewer will use plastic.

Ideally they should be made from recycled fabric - old duvet covers, sheets, curtains, fabric from charity shops, etc.

I won't be organising a pod because I can never really make arrangements in advance for things. I just never know what my energy will be like on any given day. I would like to make a few myself to give to friends and family though, so I shall be saving any suitable fabric I find. Apparently they only take about half an hour to make.

Now, if only I could figure out how to use the darned sewing machine...

Sharon J


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Minx said...

I'm an old bag! I chucked plastic out of my life a couple of years ago and this idea is fabulous.

Sharon J said...

You were up and about early, Minx!

Good on you for chucking those pesky plastic nasties :)

qotd said...

What a fantastic idea. Unfortunately I'm no good at organising and haven't the time for sewing yet with a newborn but definitely something for me to consider when I get more time. I do however use cloth bags so at least I'm not using plastic!

Sharon J said...

I can understand not having time to sew with a newborn in the house. I used to find it difficult to find the time for anything when mine were tiny.

I really need to make myself a cloth bag ready for when I can get out to the farm shops again. Those sewing machine instructions must be somewhere!

K said...

What a self-less idea. I love the part about giving them away!

Sharon J said...

Yes, the idea is for the pod to gather outside a supermarket and give them away to shoppers. Can you imagine how that would go down? Suddenly all these customers have cloth bags with them! What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

I will make a few as I always have 'leftovers' to use up - but why are they called morsbags?

Sharon J said...

I really haven't a clue. I thought it was an odd kind of name but I expect there's a reason. Perhaps the website explains it.