Monday, 10 March 2008

Help! I'm All Boxed In!

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Every fortnight I have a delivery of medical supplies, and every fortnight I’m left with several large cardboard boxes that I then have to take to the recycling centre. Because I have limited mobility and sometimes just going from the living room to the loo is just about all I can muster, this is a chore I could easily do without. But I have to get rid of them and I’ve no idea what else to do with them, unlike some imaginative, inventive people.

Take a look at this link and you’ll see what I mean.

If only I had the talent (and energy) to put my boxes to some really good use instead of chucking them in the dumpster at the tip!

I did ask my ‘daughter’ (not my natural daughter, but a girl I took under my wing a while back) whether she’d like some for her 18 month old son to play with but her partner said no, they’d rather have ‘proper’ toys for him than rubbish, thanks. Oh well…

I'm planning to rip a small one up now and then to feed to the worms but they can’t have too much because they simply can’t handle it. I've tried giving them away on Freecycle but there have been no takers there either. I thought perhaps if somebody was moving... but no.

I can’t store them because I don’t have the space so I’m stuck for ideas. Anybody have any ideas as to what I could do with them?

Sharon J


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Anonymous said...

you can compost cardboard. do you have a compost bin or heap?

Sharon J said...

I do but it can't be in the right position because not much actually turns to compost and unfortunately I don't have the energy for all stirring lark :(

Chris said...

Ssh..yes I know I should be resting and I am with the laptop on trying to distract myself from the dreaded pain !

Ideas - day nursery , pre school type places nearby? I'll ask my Sister if she knows if their school needs any like large boxes from time to time! They are quite close to you (I think!) so if so maybe that is an option!

My boxes all get flattened and go in my recycle bin! Can you do that there? I know things are "different" for recycling in each area and really cannot ever remember what to do with things when I am staying up there!

What about anybody who is moving house? Suppose they won't come along all that often either!

Possibly makes no sense as a bit high on the old oramorph! Updated peggyp so will leave it there for now!

Take care


Sharon J said...

I hadn't thought of asking day nurseries and the likes. I'll have to look into that.

I believe we can put cardboard in the paper recycling bin, only the council have never delivered one to me, even though I've asked several times. I'd still have too much, though. These are big sturdy boxes, all shapes and sizes. Sometimes I get more than others and to to be honest, all the packaging that goes along with TPN drives me nuts!

I've tried to find 'moving house' people on Freecycle but no luck. Strange really considering it's really difficult to get hold of free cardboard boxes these days.