Tuesday, 11 March 2008

What's In The Freezer?

Once upon a time I had a freezer full of food but absolutely no idea what was in there. Then I decided enough was enough. It was time to empty it out and get organised.

I found food in there that I really didn’t know we had. I think they may have been there since OH actually lived here in the house with us because I can’t remember ever buying them. A half full bag of pilau rice; a bag and a half of ‘smiley faces’; a bag of mixed veg of the kind we don’t eat and a few more things. There were also several half eaten tubs of ice-cream, several half used bags of oven chips and an apple pie that must have been there at least a couple of years. Disgraceful!

As this was before the wormery was even considered, most of the unwanted and outdated stuff had to be binned. It always seems such sacrilege to throw away food when there are starving people in this world but I could hardly just kick it around until it disappeared, could I?

Anyway, as I put the remaining contents back I made a note of everything that went in. Two mince and onions pies, a full bag of oven chips, 500g steak mince, 1 fillet steak, 12 meatballs, 1 meal of leftover chilli etc etc. I tried to be as precise as I could but without being finicky and weighing everything.

I then found an old ring-binder and a few plastic sleeves and popped the list inside. Now, whenever I use something from the freezer, or add to it, the list gets updated and I know exactly what I have. Things are so much easier that way. I no longer double up on freezer supplies and don’t have to delve through to see what I have that I can make a meal out of.

The folder is also used to keep recipes from the net, notes of any household tips and tricks that I pick up, my list of gifts that I need to make, and all sorts of other bits and pieces.

Once I have the energy I’ll start sorting out the rest of the food supplies and listing them, too.

Organisation really does simplify life. If only I could be as organised in the rest of my house. One day…

Sharon J


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

Keeping track of what you have in the freezer is a great idea. I always mean to but never do. I will be sure to do this before my next shopping trip. Thanks for the reminder.


Sharon J said...

You're welcome, Margaret. I'm sure you'll find that it does make things a lot easier :)

ramtops said...

I actually have a couple of domains registered for when I have time (ho ho) to write a web based app for keeping track of what's in the freezer.

We have two, and I hardly ever have a proper, clear idea of what they contain.

Sharon J said...

A web-based application, ramtops? Sounds interesting. Mind you, my paper and pencil do the job and that way I can just adjust the list as I go along.