Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cross Cabbages

Just a quickie that I thought might be useful for the veggie gardeners amongst you.

If you grow cabbages, make a cross in the stalk that’s left in the ground and new, small cabbages will spring up from it.

I don’t grow them myself but my mum said my granddad always did that when he grew his own vegetables during the war, and the little cabbages were often better than the big one.

It must be worth a try, at least.

Sharon J


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Richard said...

I've never met a cross cabbage, they're often exceedingly polite.

Sharon J said...

I've met some terribly cross greens. I think it's the boiling process that upsets them.

happyhippychick said...

Apart from the fact that you two are deliciously daft and have made me smile, this is a great tip and I'll definitely give it a go as soon as my cabbages grow - I far prefer smaller cabbages to big ones

(I know, I know, a little premature of me since I haven't seen my allotment yet - but posititve thinking is surely a good thing?!)


Sharon J said...

It's definitely a good thing, Rae. I'm sure most success comes through believing :)

Will you let me know whether it worked? I'm actually tempted to grow a few cabbages in a pot or something (have been on the lookout for an old tin bath for veggies) just to try it out. Curiosity has a terrible way of getting the better of me.

Cottage Smallholder said...

We do this and they baby ones are delicious

Sharon J said...

I'm glad to hear it works :)