Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Free Yeast

Photo: Queen Roly

Just a quickie.

I picked up this tip from The Old Style Forum over at MoneySavingExpert and thought it worth sharing.

Apparently, shops aren’t allowed to sell ‘live’ foods so if you need fresh yeast, just pop into any supermarket that has a bakery and ask whether they have any. Usually they’ll just give you some.

Some people were saying that they were given quite big blocks that they froze so it’s worth trying. I’m definitely going to ask next time I find myself in a suitable supermarket.

Sharon J


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Richard said...

Providing the supermarket actually has a proper bakery and doesn't just bake ready made dough. Some are going over to full bakery, I think Morrisons make and bake, not sure about the rest.

Sharon J said...

I know somebody said they get theirs from Waitrose but I'm sure Tesco was mentioned, too. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask, does it?

Anonymous said...

I dont bake bread and dont know what else anybody would use yearst for. What else does it go in?

Sharon J said...

Hi Anonymous.

Some people use it in beer and wine making, but other than that it's mostly used in baking (buns, for example).

If you neither bake nor brew your own alcoholic beverages, I doubt you'll ever find a need for it.