Friday, 26 September 2008

Getting Rid of Electrical Equipment

I’ve noticed a trend on Freecycle recently: more people are offering electric gadgets.

It seems to me that this can only mean one thing, that an increasing number of members are opening their eyes to the amount of energy these gadgets use and that they can actually live perfectly well without them. Of course, I don’t know how many takers there have been as only a handful ever post ‘taken’ messages; it could be that these energy using gadgets are simply changing hands and will continue to suck up electricity unnecessarily but whole it isn’t good that they end up on the landfill either, I’m kind of hoping that a lot of them are being ignored.

During the past few days there have been:

An electric coffee grinder
A smoothie maker
An espresso maker
An electric warm plate
Hair straighteners
An electric blanket
A toaster
A trouser press

Of the above I have to admit to having a toaster and LM has hair straighteners. I can kind of understand why she’d want the hair straighteners - at 19 it’s important that you look the part and even though she’s my daughter, I have to say she looks beautiful when her shiny dark hair is perfectly straight. Mind you, whereas she used to use them every day, she only uses them when she’s dressing up now, otherwise the hair tends to go up in a pony tail. As for the toaster, I’d get rid of it tomorrow and use the grill - it’s just a waste of space as far as I’m concerned - but LM insists on keeping it because it’s quick and I guess she doesn’t have much time to make breakfast when she’s on a 7am start.

Sharon J


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neimanmarxist said...

getting rid of electrical equipment is something we need to work on. i feel as our lives get busier we just accrue more of it for the sake of ease. not very green of us! some of our electrics (i.e. hand blender) we use only rarely. it's one kind of hoarding i am totally guilty of- as a person who loves cooking and kitchen things i just find it so difficult to part with, even though I know I could well do without it :)

Jade of the Jungle said...

I must confess I would be lost without my hairstraighteners....I like to think I balance it out slightly by the fact that I don't iron unless I absolutely HAVE to! :)

Have you ever tried those little energy consumption gadgets? It displays how much energy your household is using at any given time so that you can monitor it easily, and I suppose it makes people more conscious about what lights are on that aren't needed etc. I've been tempted to get one but haven't got round to it yet.

J x