Thursday, 4 September 2008

Supermarket Comparison

I recently found a site called MySupermarket and although it’s designed for those who do their shopping online, it’s also really handy for those wanting to compare prices between Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose (or Ocado, as the latter’s online shopping site is called).

I recently put my grocery list in, using Asda as my guide (because I knew they had a few things that I couldn’t get elsewhere) and would you believe that I saved the following:

Compared to:

Tesco - £9.42
Sainsbury’s - £12.27
Waitrose - £18.10

Now I realise that some of the products are no doubt better quality at Waitrose but having tried and tested everything on my list earlier, I knew I wouldn’t be getting ‘rubbish’ either. And quite honestly, the difference in quality just isn’t worth £18.10 to me, especially as my bill only came to £40.70 so not a HUGE shop really. I mean, at Waitrose I would have paid almost half of my bill again for more or less the same products (lots of fruit & veg, much of which is organic, a few tinned bits and pieces, some meat and dry cupboard stuff).

As much as I hate supermarkets and what they've done to the local economy, sometimes I just can’t do the many stores jaunt and will therefore definitely be using the site before I either head for the cavernous hole of capitalism or book my online shopping because you know what they say about a penny saved. I wonder what they’d say about eighteen quid saved? Or even just under a tenner?

Sharon J


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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how a few pence difference on products here and there add up! I've found that site really helpful as well!

Debi said...

I alternate between Lidl and Sainsbury's these days. The difference in £££ is vast, but Lidl don't have everything I need - hence the alternating strategy.

When I think back to all the money I spent/wasted before discovering Lidl, it makes me weep!

As they (I) say - a Lidl goes a long way.

neimanmarxist said...

ah. i spent a month near London one decemberand I loved the supermarkets there. They were amazing! so much variety. that said, comparison shopping is an excellent way to save. we have two supermarkets on the same road so I go to the cheap one first and do most of my shop and then go to the expensive one and get the things I couldn't get at the other place- natural and organic items and greek yogurt, things like that :)

Catz said...

I love that site but sometimes forget to use it! :( Thank you for reminding me about it!

Sharon J said...

@ Apieceofwood. It is! The difference in prices really shocked me.

@ Debi. We don't have a Lidl although going to Aldi and Farmfoods also helps keep the budget on track. Unfortunately I still find it very tiring to go round several shops although I do try to use the farm shop for fruit and veg and the local butcher for meat whenever I can.

@ Neimanmarxist. You liked our supermarkets? Blimey... I absolutely loathe the places! Stressful and designed to draw as much money as possible out of us. I try to shop in the same kind of way as you but can't always manage it.

@ Catz. Being such a 'penny pincher', I really can't see myself forgetting to use it. No way am I paying more than I need to for food.