Friday, 21 November 2008

Anonymous Comments

Just a quickie.

Would those of you who post under “anonymous” please use a name instead? It doesn’t necessarily have to be your real name but by being consistent in your choice of name it will give me and other regular readers a better chance of differentiating between you. Some anonymous comments are easily recognisable through their writing style and method of putting their opinions across whereas others are more diffuse but it would be nice to know for sure who’s saying what as I believe it builds a better blog community. After all, if we were all having a discussion in the ‘real world’, we wouldn’t be hiding behind a curtain having our say, would we?

I’ve considered turning off the option that allows anonymous comments but that also disallows those who are happy to use a name but aren’t members or either Blogger (Google) or one of the OpenID sites, and I don’t like that either as I don’t believe in forcing anybody to join anything.

So, would you think about it please, anonymous posters?


Sharon J


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Fred said...

That's fair enough. The comments are meant to encourage thoughtful debate, as your replies go to show. They are in no way "ego-massaging" or meant to make me feel good about myself. They are meant to highlight the obvious problems inherent in being environmentally sound. I hope you will also make the same kind of announcement discouraging the kind of ill-thought out, short-sighted, insulting and incredibly judgemental spew that appeared in the comments to your last post. It does nobody, least of all the author, any favours at all.

Anonymous said...

sometimes when I'm feeling lazy, like now, I use anonymous, but sign my name at the bottom of the post.

Problem was I realized that if I used "openID" and it comes ups with my my blog title (Journey to Frugaldom) but if I use Name/URL it shows up as Rob in Madrid with my blog as a link.

When posting comments to blogs like GRS or Simple Dollar I always sign off as Rob in Madrid usually without adding in my blog URL.

So now I always sign off as Rob in Madrid in the comment field regardless.

Rob (in case you didn't notice) in Madrid

rob in madrid

Rob in Madrid said...

see the difference

rob in madrid

Sharon J said...

@ Fred. Nice to make your acquaintance :)

I can understand where you're coming from regarding some of the comments that have been left on the blog over the past few weeks (and not all from the same person either) so yes, I shall be posting about it, asking people to kindly give a bit more thought to what they write before they hit the "publish" button.

@ Rob. I really don't mind who you post as, as long as it's consistent so that regular readers here get an idea of who's who and who stands for what. I shall try to remember that Journeytofrugaldom and Rob from Madrid are one and the same, though :)

Anonymous said...

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