Saturday, 22 November 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged again. This time by …. erm…. the lady who runs Colour It Green. (Sorry, but I don’t know your name. Maybe I should, and if that’s the case I can only apologise but I’m dreadful with names, honestly).

Anyway, the idea of this tag is to list six things that make you happy, who the tag came from and then pass the tag on to six more bloggers. So here goes:

  1. Being in the woods or by the sea. I know that’s two but I’m cheating so I’m going to call it ‘being close to nature’. I don’t much care for woods where there are lots of people though, or places like Blackpool by the sea… I want places that haven't been spoiled by throngs of tourists; places where I can find peace to connect with my surroundings while I ponder life, the universe, and all that jazz. (The image above is of Durdle Door in Dorset - I once promised myself that I'd get strong enough again to be able to walk down there. Unfortunately, I've since become weaker, but if I keep trying to improve my strength, I'll get there one day.)

  2. Doing something, anything, that makes one of my children smile. They used to tell me off for dancing or singing in the street when they were little (yes, I can be a tad eccentric and I’m already saving for the purple stockings) but hey, they smile at the memories now :)

  3. Music. My taste is very eclectic so what I listen to depends entirely on my mood and even though I can’t sing to save my life, I do anyway and I’ve always been drawn to musical people. In fact, a whole bunch of my memories are based around times where music has been involved in one form or another. I also love to dance. Well, LOVED to dance. I mean really loved to dance. One of my exes and I would dance together anywhere - in the living room (we’d clear the furniture and spend a whole evening just dancing), on the street, in the park, wherever we happened to be. I don’t have the energy anymore and even if I did, it’d be painful. I think I could grin and bear the pain if only I had the energy again though.

  4. Good friends who are looking for the end of the same rainbow. There are few things that make me happier than time spent with people who I can really connect with - y’know, those people you can totally be yourself with. Unfortunately those people are few and far between (maybe that’s because I’m after a weird kind of rainbow?)

  5. Time spent alone doing something I enjoy. I wouldn’t like to be a recluse, but I do like leaving phones unanswered and letting the doorbell ring without answering while I just enjoy reading a book, doing some sewing or whatever else I fancy doing. My ME time is important, it helps me stay in touch with who I am.

  6. The first tiny green buds that appear along hedgerows and in gardens in the spring. They never fail to make me smile.

So there you go - six things that make me happy. There are lots more, of course, but they’re the first six I thought of.

To keep the tag going I’m passing it on to:

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and finally I’m sending it across the North Sea to My Little Norway

Sharon J xx


Image Credit: Lovestruck


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Lizzie said...

Hi Sharon
My sister has a caravan about 5 minutes from that photo and I have to say that the view lifts your heart as you walk out to the coast path. However the walk from the beach is horrid, unless you are seriously fit, plus there are huge numbers of snakes. Just keep looking from the top and have it lift your heart instead of burst it!

Sharon J said...

Hi Lizzie. We used to go to Bowleaze Cove for a week during summer and it was during one of those holidays, not long after I first became ill, that I decided that one day I'd walk down there. I realise it'd be really tough (especially walking up again!) but you have to have goals :) It isn't such an important goal that I'd be heartbroken if it never happens though. More a dream, I suppose.

Chris said...

Hi, Great to see things that make you ( & other people) happy! There is too much sadness around in lists much longer than 6 things no doubt! Lovely view.....any chance you will be able to go and look at it again one day without the steep walk ? I would never manage that one - even a tiny hill is a bit too much at the mo!! Chris

Rosesposes said...

Hi Sharon
Thanks for the tag , that will be a really nice one to do as well. I will do it in my next post. Durdle door is lovely and I do hope you can walk it in the future, it made me out of breath too! though

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thanks for the tag, I love this one!! I'll get my thinking cap on for my best 'happys'. Have a great weekend my dear!

Sharon J said...

@ Chris. Believe me, even walking on a flat surface does me in so in reality I don't supose I ever will get down to Durdle Door. But yes, I can see the view again because you can drive right up to the look out point.

@ Rosesposes. I'll look forward to reading yours :)

@ Sharon Rose. No doubt you have loads of 'best' happys :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon

Loving the blog ! I know I've not been tagged, but I think I'll have a go at this one later today.

Looking forward to reading your future posts x

Sharon J said...

Hi Martyn. I'll pop over and have look when you do it. Would sparkly shoes by any chance get a place on the list? :)

Debi said...

So - what I wish for you is a warm spot lying in some woods by the sea, surrounded by laughing children, with an eclectic soundtrack drifting in the balmy breeze, in the company of some good friends (can I be one, please?) who then bugger off to give you space to admire the new shoots. Sound ok?

Cabbage Heart said...

Tag!!! I'm it! Thanks Sharon shall give it some thought and post it

Sharon J said...

@ Debi. That sounds just the ticket (and yes, of course you can be one of them)

@ Cabbage Heart. I'll have a read of yours in a bit :)