Friday, 28 November 2008

Malta Tomorrow

For the first time this year, I’m going away ‘properly’. No jaunting down to London (anybody remember The Tomorrow People?) for a mad dash around what’s probably my most hated place on earth or a week or three courtesy of the NHS - oh no, this time I’m actually going on holiday!

Back in August I wrote a post outlining my financial goals, one of which was to save £500 for a bonding holiday with my younger daughter. Well I managed to get there (well, almost - after emptying the coin jar I was £20 off) so LM and I are off to Malta tomorrow for a whole week of doing nothing other than what we want to do. Bliss!

We booked it about a month ago. I found a cheap deal online through EasyJet that included flights, hotel accommodation and car hire for the week for just £200 so off we're jolly well going.

I’ve flown with EasyJet before and been really satisfied. They make no fuss about carrying my extra 30kgs of medical stuff free of charge and offer wheelchair assistance from the check-in desk to the gate. I still have to book parking and for an extra tenner I can have them meet us by the terminal to take the car to the car-park and then bring it back to the terminal again when we return. For me, who has difficulty walking and carrying anything heavy, it's more than worth the extra ten pounds.

Having a hire care for the week means I can easily get around. We both drive so if I’m having a bad day and just want to stay at the hotel, LM can still go out and do things on her own. She’ll also be able to take over the driving should I feel ill while we’re out and about. It’s just a little car but then that’s all we need and I certainly don’t want to be spitting out more co2 than necessary. It’s enough to have to take a plane and hire a car, without increasing the problem unnecessarily. Not that I could afford anything bigger, but that’s besides the point.

The hotel’s nothing spectacular but that doesn’t bother me. As long as the bed’s reasonably comfortable and the kettle works, I’ll be happy. It's just a base, after all :)

Anyway, I’ll catch up with you all when I get back. In the meantime I've been lucky enough to have some of my favourite bloggers write guest posts that are scheduled for publication while I'm gone. If there’s an Internet café nearby or the hotel has access, I may even pop in and post something myself, you just never know.

Oh, and I'll be borrowing one of LM's cameras so expect some photos when I get back.

Look after the place for me :)

Sharon J

UPDATE: Richard has kindly offered to drive us to the airport so that'll be both easier, and save a bit of money that can be better spent enjoying Malta. Thanks, Richard.

And thanks to Sam too for offering to look after my pets while we're away. What would I do without friends?


Image Credit: Kriskae


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Jennifer said...

Have a great time Sharon! To hell with those pillowcases anyway! :D


laura @ move to portugal said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time Sharon :)

Jade of the Jungle said...

Hae a really fab time Sharon! We shall miss you when you're away x

Lizzie said...

Hi Sharon
Have a lovely time.

Gavin said...

Have a great time Sharon. Enjoy your break.

Sharon J said...

Thanks folks. If nothing else, I'm going to enjoy just being somewhere else for a week - somewhere a bit warmer :)

PS: The pillowcases have been replaced, Jennifer, and are coming with me :)

Little Terraced House said...

Hope you have a really lovely time Sharon, you sure deserve it. Take care Babs x

Richard said...

Pleasure. I'm just bothered that I was unable to find the pillowcases because as you well know, I usually go straight to the things you've "lost". Glad you enjoyed the risotto. The pickled onions will be ready by your bed for when you get back.

Sharon J said...

@ LittleTerracedHouse. I do? Why, thank you :)

@ Richard. So now the world knows that I eat pickled onions in bed. LOL.

donna said...

have a great time, look forward to hearing all about it when you get back

Anonymous said...

Have a fab time!

Caroline said...

Have a brilliant time, Sharon & LM! Caroline x

R said...

Hope you have totally wonderful time... enjoy m'dear


aromatic said...

Have a great time!!
Jane xxx

Chris said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time Sharon!


Richard said...

A little update: I dropped Sharon off at mid-day, nice and early, at Manchester airport. 3.15 flight or something. She got a wheelchair and was fifth in the check-in queue. Nice. It all went downhill after that. She'll no doubt fill you in when she gets back but here's a taster: thanks to the fog diverting and delaying the inbound flight and some good for nothing knobjockey in EasyJet HQ not authorising some overtime Sharon, along with 300 other passengers, spent the first night of her holiday in the sun in an airport hotel in Manchester. Last thing I heard from her was a text just before 9am this morning "We're on a plane!"

Canadian Saver said...

Have an awesome trip!!