Sunday, 16 November 2008

A - Z of Homemaking

Somebody tagged me with this ages ago but I forgot to do it, and now that I’ve done it, I’ve forgotten who tagged me (and there was me thinking I’m finally getting more organised!). If it was you who passed this on to me, I can only apologise for not giving you a mention. Give me a shout and I’ll remedy that, though.

Here goes:

A is for Aprons - yes/no? If yes, what’s your favourite?
I have two pinnies, both original 1950s and bought at a car boot sale about 10 years ago. I don’t wear them every time I cook but if I’m doing something messy (which usually involves flour) or am dressed up, waiting for guests, I’ll pop one on.

B is for Baking - favourite thing to bake?
I’m not really into baking cakes and things anymore - did too much of it when the kids were little - but if I had to choose something then it’d probably be apple pie.

C is for Clothesline - do you have one?
Yes, it’s a double set-up that runs the length of the garden. Sounds great but as most of it hangs over a flower bed (actually, it’s more a weed bed at the moment) and another parts hangs over the patio table, there isn’t really that much room on it. Ideally I’d like a whirly gig but right now I have other priorities.

D is for Donuts - have you ever made them?
D must also be for ‘donkey’s years ago’ because that’s when it was. At least 20 years ago. It wasn’t an experience I enjoyed so has never been repeated.

E is for Every Day - one homemaking task you do every day.
None. There are days when I’m simply unable to do anything more than exist let alone start swinging a broom around. When I am up and about and feeling relatively fit, I…. erm…. still don’t actually have a task I do every day.

F is for Freezer - do you have a separate deep freeze?
Nope, only the one that’s combined with the fridge. I’d love a separate one but there’s just no room for one here. Still, what I have is better than nothing so I shan’t grumble.

G is for Garbage Disposal Unit - do you have one?
Yes, it has four legs, fur and is called Poppy. If she doesn’t do the job adequately there’s another one called Jack usually waiting as a back-up and then what isn’t suitable for them goes to the worms. It works for me :)

H is for Handbook - what’s your favourite homemaking resource?
My imagination and the Internet.

I is for Ironing - love or hate it?
Absolutely loathe it. Most of the time it just isn’t necessary so it’s a waste of energy, both mine and the electricity it takes to heat the iron (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

J is for Junk Draw - yes/no? If yes, where is it?
Junk draw? What do you take me for? I’m too organised to have junk! Oh… sorry… I was away in la-la land there for a moment. Yes… the junk drawerS. Less said about them the better!

K is for Kitchen - colour and decorating scheme?
Don’t get me started on that one! It’s an awful peach with grey cabinets and what were grey tiles but are now red (tile paint is a wonderful thing). I think it was probably fashionable during the 80s but my plan is to make it sort of Norwegian country kitchen-ish although when it’ll be finished is anybody’s guess.

L is for Love - what’s your favourite part of homemaking?
Sitting down and looking around me, seeing that it’s reasonably clean and tidy and feeling ‘at home’. I also quite like cooking, I just don’t like the washing up that follows. Oh, and making things look or function better than they originally did without having to spend a lot of money doing it.

M is for Mop - do you have one?
Of course. It’s an old-fashioned string type mop and bucket affair that I’m not particularly satisfied with but it’ll do until it wears out. I also have a micro fibre mop type thing that’s great for just going over the living room floor with but useless on the nasty floor covering that’s in the kitchen.

N is for Nylons - machine or hand wash?
Nylons? I guess that means tights and stockings? Mine go in the machine with everything else.

O is for Oven - do you use a window or open the oven door to check?
Mine doesn’t have a window so I have no choice. And anyway, getting down low enough to peek through a window wouldn’t be an option for me anymore. Still, at least this cooker works properly, unlike the one I had up until about 9 months ago and what's more it was free (donated by a Freecycler).

P is for Pizza - what do you put on yours?
Minced beef, onion, mushrooms, tomato puree, and oregano all mixed up together and then bunged on top of a base and topped with cheddar that‘s sprinkled with paprika. Sounds boring but I’ve been making the same pizza for about 20 years and as my family all love it, I’m not about to change it. I think they'd probably hang, draw and quarter me if I did, anyway.

Q is for quiet - what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
I blog (surprise, surprise), knit, sew, cross-stitch, read, write, listen to music, meditate, ponder life… whatever suits my mood.

R is for Recipe Card Box - yes/no? If yes, what does it look like?
Don’t have one. If I try a new recipe and like it, it goes in a file. If somebody didn’t particularly like it I make a note of that to make sure I don’t make it for them again. The same goes if somebody really raved about it, only then I make it more often, obviously.

S is Style of House - what style is your house?
Hmm… I’m not sure my house has a particular style. It was built about 10 years ago and looks pretty much the same as every other house on the estate. And not that much different to those on the next estate, or the estate after that, either. Inside I guess it’s kind of eclectic but definitely leans mostly towards things that are ‘old fashioned’ and/or unusual.

T is for Tableclothes - do you use them?
I would if I had some! I have one that I use at Christmas (red velvet so not really suitable otherwise) and I plan to make one out of a duvet cover along with matching curtains once the kitchen's done but otherwise, zilch.

U is for Under The Kitchen Sink - organised or toxic wasteland?
Somewhere in between. There isn’t enough space for it to be as organised as I’d like but I’ve seen a whole lot worse. I try to steer clear of as many toxins as I can though.

V is for Vacuum - how many times a week?
Don’t ask… please. I’d die of embarrassment! No, seriously… I vacuum when I think the place needs it or when I’m feeling fit enough to do it. Nobody died of dust bunnies in the corners or the stair carpet not being pristine at all times.

W is for Wash - how many loads of washing do you do each week?
About one or two I think although I haven’t actually counted them. I don’t have a set washing day - I load the machine as I go (apart from whites and delicates) and let it do its thing when its full enough.

X’s - Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?
Yes and no. I have certain things on a list but others I just do as and when.

Y is for Yard - who does what?
This should be G is for Garden, surely? Oh… right… we’re talking US English here. I have one, yes, but nobody does very much at all in it at the moment so it's hardly worth mentioning.

Zzzz’s - what’s the last homemaking task you do before bed in the evening?
Turn the lights out.

The meaning is to keep the chain going by sending this along to a few other bloggers to complete. If you’re on the following list, enjoy ;)

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Please don't feel obliged to take up the tag. It's just for fun, after all.

Sharon J


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Chris said...

Hi Sharon! This is another interesting tag! I like finding out bits and pieces not that I could answer a large % of them sensibly!!

I forgot to say thanks for following my blog! Ssdly you are there alone atm!

I am thinking of starting a second blog for another reason but as this one is a slow one I suppose it will remain to be seen if I can manage 2!!

I hadn't worked out this "follower" thing until today when I have decided to follow a few!

Thanks again for all you do and write about. Chris

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought decorating the kitchen would matter to somebody trying to live a simple existence. What difference does the colour of the walls make?

Sharon J said...

@ Chris. You should be ok with two seeing as you don't post too often on the existing one. Follwing's useful, don't you think?

Anyway, feel free to take up the tag if you fancy doing it :)

@ Anonymous. To lead a simple lifestyle you don't have to put up with a kitchen that looks miserable AND is totally impracticle for my needs. If our surroundings are pleasing, we'll naturally feel happier. That isn't to say it has to cost a fortune, but then I don't intend to spend a fortune either.

Catz said...

Hello sharon!

Loved reading that! Off to post mine now!

btw I think colour of walls can matter a lot, my kitchen is very dark and would be depressing to the spirit if it were not for the sunny yellow buttermilk paint on the walls!

L-Jay said...

I think it is interesting that 'homemaking' is about menial chores around the house - I think making a home should be about building family relationships.

(But it was sure good to know I'm not alone on the - I wouldn't be able to answer half the Thanks for sharing ;)

Anonymous said...

took a while but i finally caught up! Thanks for the tag!

Anonymous said...

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