Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Six Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I’ve been tagged again. This time by two of my favourite bloggers, FT over at Notes From The Frugal Trenches (pop over and take a look at the awesome photos she’s put up on her tag post - they‘re truly beautiful) and A Piece of Wood.

This time the idea is to list six things that most people probably don’t know about me.

  1. I have very large feet. They’re a size 9 now but that’s because I’ve lost a lot of weight. They used to be a size 10. I’m tall so that helps them look at least a bit in proportion but it’s been a bugger getting shoes over the years. Evans wasn’t always there and although I’m not in the least bit bothered by them now, when I was a teenager they used to cause me endless embarrassment (and we all know how mean and immature teens can be so they were forever being made fun of).

  2. I know a lot about dogs and their psychology. I’ve always had a dog and have always trained them well. Unfortunately, the dog I have now is the dimmest I’ve ever come across - I swear she has learning difficulties (well if people can have them, why not dogs?)

  3. I’m really difficult to live with. I like things to be done my way and am really not too clever at sharing my space. Even my mum says she’d never want to live with me. Hell, even I find it difficult to live with me!

  4. I have a Max Bygraves CD. There are memories attached to it so I keep it. In fact, I have quite a bit of naff music simply because the songs mean something to me when I hear them.

  5. I once caused such a ruckus over a bloke who was a convicted paedophile (9 times he’d been inside for it) after I found out his wife was allowed to be a child minder that it hit the front pages of the national newspapers.

  6. I don’t like flying. I’m not afraid that the plane’s gonna fall out of the sky or anything, it’s just the thought of having to spend hours inside a capsule with no possibility of saying “bugger this, I’ve changed my mind so I'm getting off”. Once you’re in there, that’s it, your fate is out of your hands. Still, at least I won't be adding to the carbon problem too much by flying off to far away places, my trips are all short haul and even they're few and far between (although I do have one coming up in a few days).

I’ll drive people nuts if I keep tagging them so I’m not going to choose anybody this time. Instead, if you want to do this one, just consider yourself tagged.

Sharon J


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Jade of the Jungle said...

The comment about your dog made me laugh! Oh dear oh dear, the poor little blighter.

Totally agree with flying, I HATE it, and get quite claustrophobic. Here's a nifty little tip - I sometimes tell the check-in people that, and often they'll give you the bulkhead seat, at least there's a bit more space there to move around. Though you sometimes do get stuck with screaming babies.

Richard said...

Yes. Difficult isn't quite the word you were after. Impossible? Poppy isn't stupid; if she had a brain she'd be stupid which would be a step up bless her.

Anonymous said...

Am sure your dog is lovely! Totally there with you on the flying!

Cabbage Heart said...

Mine isn't flying, love the "rush" during take off, mine is boats! If the motor breaks down well you can't exactly get out and hail a taxi can you? During bad weather you get tossed overboard! And if the sail tears well .... you're up s**t creek without a paddle are'nt you! No thanks.

Sharon J said...

@ Jade. I have enough trying to sort out all the meds that have to come with me on a flight (3 large boxes weighing about 30-40kgs) and a wheelchair without then expecting a bulkhead seat. As long as the meds go through without any problems, I'm happy. I don't think I could manage a long haul flight though.

@ Richard. Now you're being wicked. She does have some functioning brain cells but most of what she learned was as a puppy before a certain incident with a certain man.

@ Apieceofwood. She is. She's totally soppy and wouldn't harm a fly. In fact, she runs away from spiders and was dead scared of our rats (and she's a terrier).

@ Cabbage Heart. Funnily enough, I also enjoy the rush of take off - it's once we've been up there a while that I start wanting to get off and do something else, usually about 2 hours into the flight. As for boats, they don't bother me one bit but that could be because we had a boat ourselves for a good few years so messing about on water became second nature whereas flying didn't (have never been a position to afford a plane and even if I could, I wouldn‘t want one). I do see your point, though.

WebSmith said...

I had a girlfriend in high school who had number nines. She was 5'6" and about 100lbs at the most. I remember her shoe size because we used to ask for the same size at the bowling alley and the guy would always look at her funny. I never spent a lot of time thinking about her feet. She ended up marrying our basketball center who was 6'8" and wore size 16 shoes. It's all relative, I guess.