Sunday, 2 November 2008

Saving The Rainforest

Every day I go on Facebook. Yes, I know some of you probably think that’s a pretty lame thing to do but there’s a reason that doesn’t include throwing food at friends or sending them virtual gifts that mean nothing (although when I first started using it a year or so ago, I did do those things, admittedly).

The reason I use Facebook regularly now is because there are two applications that I feel I need to use as often as I can: (lil) Green Patch and (lil) Blue Cove.

Basically, you grow a garden or look after a fish tank type thing (or both). Every time you send a plant or fish to a friend and they accept, a little bit of rainforest is saved. To buy plants and fish you need green bucks but you get 50 of those just for logging in every day (100 if you log into both applications) and there are various other ways of gathering bucks too. I won’t go into all the details here as it’s all explained in the FAQ attached to the application.

So far I’ve saved 29sqft of rainforest and I haven’t been using it that long. In fact, LM, who’s only been using it for a week or two, has already saved 15sqft. Some people have saved hundreds of square feet though so I've a way to go yet.

How? Well there are sponsors who put money into saving the rainforest for every square foot that Facebook users ‘save’. Again, that’s all explained when you look at the application.

If you want to save some rainforest and have a bit of fun while doing it, why not join? If you’re already a member of Facebook then adding either or both of the applications is simple. Just do a search for either Green Patch or Blue Cove for more information about them. If you’re not a member, signing up is dead easy. All you need to do then is find your friends, add them, add one or both of the applications and if they have one too you can start sending them plants and fish.

If you already have either or both of the applications but need more people to swap with (or if you decide to add them), feel free to email me at dioritt @ yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk and let me know. I won’t mind adding you :)

Sharon J


Image Credit: Steve Lacy


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apieceofwood said...

Added both of them Sharon! Thanks for highlighting!

Sharon J said...

I'll be sending you fish and flowers :) said...

Interesting!! I didn't know about that!

Teena said...

Hey Sharon....I'm up to 6 sq feet so far and my cove and green patch are mainly your donations! Keep sending and I will keep sending them back. Oh Bribie was beautiful as always... forgot the camera tho DOH!

Sharon J said...

@ Frugal Trenches. So are you going to join and help out?

@ Teena. Well done. I have a problem though - for some reason I can't send any fish or plants to you anymore. Not sure what the problem is.

Teena said...

ARGH!!!!! What The.... am I going to do now?? Lol. No stress, I just put facebook on hold for while, will be back in there soon.

Sharon J said...

Well hurry up back, Teena. I've been missing you :)