Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Few Words About Comments

We’ve recently had some interesting debate happening in the comments of various posts here and that’s a good thing. An exchange of opinions is never a bad thing UNLESS it’s done in a way that screams “my opinion is the only right one and you’re a moron for thinking otherwise”, which unfortunately some of the comments have done. Just a few - most have been well thought through opinions that haven’t had a pointing finger attached to them, but we all know how a few can ruin things for the majority.

Please, please continue commenting - a healthy exchange of opinion helps us evolve, and while most of us generally choose to spend time with people whose opinions are intrinsically close to our own, when we’re out in the world we’ll always come across other thoughts and ideas that can and often do help us form our own views. Blogging is part of being ‘out in the world’. But just as I doubt very many would fly up and screech their opinions at all and sundry in real life, so it should be here.

Please remember that, unlike the guy in the image above, those who read your comments are real people with real feelings, regardless of whether they choose to be open about who they are or prefer to anonymity that the Web offers. You never know who may be reading or how you may be hurting them.

Bear in mind that if you're diplomatic in the way you put your view across, others will be far more likely to listen and respond.

Let’s remain open minded towards others views and treat each other with the respect that everybody, regardless of their view, deserves. Please.

Sharon J


Image Credit: Philipp Daun


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aromatic said...

I like to make comments when I can and I agree that comments should be diplomatic. I have seen a lot of hurt via forums and blogs as such over the years and its not pleasant. I have also been the victim of malicious comments and unreasonable comments.
Everyone has a story/view/opinion and its nice to see varied comments/opinions and remain open minded to how others may think and feel and maybe learning new things/ideas for ones self.
A pleasant debate is a happy debate and a happy debate will make one come back again for future debates...
And to quote your words....
'treat each other with the respect that everybody, regardless of their view, deserves'
All that is left for me to say is 'here, here'!!!
Jane xxx

Cabbage Heart said...

Sharon, I hear you! Last weeks comment debate was a bit of a turn-off. As you know my last blog was hijacked by a commenter and sadly was someone close to me.... I apologise if I offended anyone by my venting on the take away food post and shall remain a little more diplomatic, my only excuse was getting peeved at Anon challenging your every word and belief and I couldn't contain myself any longer as you shouldn't have to defend yourself or what you believe in.

Lots of warm hugs

wombat064 said...

Hi Sharon, just keep doing what you have been, I enjoy your blog and look fwd to it.


Sharon J said...

@ Aromatic. I find it quite interesting when there's a comment debate and welcome the exchange of opinions, but sometimes things do get out of hand because some people, it seems, just don't accept that anybody might have an opinion that differs from their own. Shame.

@ Cabbage Heart. I wasn't pointing the finger at anybody in particular and to be honest, I don't mind having my opinions challenged as sometimes that gives me a different perspective, one I hadn't thought about. It can be annoying when people do it 'just for the sake of argument' though and especially if they aren't willing to hear another view without drawing on sarcasm etc in order to get their own opinion across.

@ Wombat. Thank you. I shan't let anybody stop me :)