Thursday, 27 November 2008

Completely Disorganised

Yesterday I spent several hours searching for three pillowcases that I bought about a month ago. They’re plain white, Egyptian cotton pillowcases that I’d planned to personalise with embroidery and give as Christmas gifts and if I’m to have any chance of getting everything finished in time for the big day, I need to get cracking on them.

Do you think I could find them? Not a snowball’s chance. I’d have stood a better chance of hitching a ride to Amsterdam on an ant’s back than finding those pillowcases. I asked others if they had any idea where they might be but nothing… they are missing.

This, my friends, is one reason why I really must press on with the great de-cluttering scheme. I’m sick to the back teeth (well, I would be if I had any) of having to spend so much time searching for things that should be easy enough to find. In the time I spent hunting in every place I could think of, I could have been half finished with one but instead have no pillowcases and I’m no closer to having my Christmas presents finished.

I have a craft drawer where I keep… yes, you guessed it, my craft supplies. You’d imagine they’d be in there wouldn’t you? Nope. Maybe the airing cupboard along with other bedding? Nope. In the cupboard where I put everything that can’t go anywhere else? Nope. In some other drawer then? Nope. Wardrobe? No, no, no.

I’ve run out of places to search.

This is very annoying. I was at hair pulling stage yesterday.

I’ve already got rid of quite a bit of clutter but there’s tons more to be done. From now on I am going to de-clutter one drawer, basket or cupboard (or just one shelf at least) every day that I have a reasonable amount of energy. I won’t live like this anymore! A place for everything and all that.

Sharon J xx


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Carol said...

Have you asked the borrowers?

Jennifer said...

I'd take it as an omen to find a simpler gift for these 3 people given your life at the moment :D

Life has a way of directing you to what you need.....


Jennifer said...

BTW have you considered 'hiring' someone to go through your stuff? A professional? May be the best £100 - £200 you ever spent and you may find £500 at least worth of stuff you forgot you had....


Catz said...

Oh poor you Sharon!

I am just the same at the moment and it is so exhausting and so difficult to know where to start! Best advice I had is to think of it as how to eat an elephant (apologies to animal lovers - just an expresssion) bite size pieces so yes one draw at a time should do it. Alternatively I do like Jennifers idea but would hate anyone else to see my mess! lol!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I do hope you find them this side of Christmas. I've stopped putting things in 'safe places' as I generally forget where these 'safe places' are!!

Teresa said...

Thats a bummer! But at least you have an idea for a Christmas gift...and a craft drawer. When I decided to live on my boat, I gave away a lot of my craft supplies...and I love to craft! Perhaps a new idea? Did you ever find the pillow cases?

L-Jay said...

Deja vu - It sounds very familiar to me. ;)

Cabbage Heart said...

Sharon.... Breath in.....Breath out....Breath in......Breath out.
They will pop up when they are suppose to and not before. Just breath in....and breath out.

Sharon J said...

@ Carol. I suppose I ought to. If I ask nicely, maybe I'll find them in the bath or somewhere equally as odd when I get back.

@ Jennifer. But these are simple gifts. I love embroidery/cross stitch as it relaxs me (and I smoke less when my fingers are busy). I certainly don't want to buy something mass produced so I went out and bought new pillowcases yesterday and got cracking :)

As for having a professional come in - a) there's no way I could justify spending that kind of money and b) I'm with Catz, I'd hate having a stranger rummage through my things. Thanks for offering the idea though.

@ Catz. I shall continue eating my elephant when I get back from my holiday. So far I think I've only just about devoured the trunk.

@ Sharon Rose. Yepp, can sympathise with the 'safe place' thing.

@ Teresa. When I was younger I planned to sell up and live in a caravan once the kids had grown up (can't now, though). Perhaps that's how I should view my home and start REALLY de-cluttering.

@ L-Jay. I think a lot of us are bogged down with the same problem.

@ Cabbage Heart. Bugger leaving it to fate, I need something to occupy myself with on holiday and they HAVE to be done before Christmas. I'm still breathing though :)