Friday, 3 October 2008

A Night Out

LM and I went to the theatre last night. A local dramatics group are having a week long run of Annie and I have to say, they were excellent. Had I not known they were amateurs, I would never have guessed. But then again, professionals are only amateurs who happen to get paid to do what they do, aren’t they? That doesn’t necessarily make them any better. Of course, a professional production has more financing behind it so the stage sets and costumers are usually more impressive but even so, I think the Acton Operatic Society did a VERY good job (just thought I'd give them a plug there). I'll definitely be going to next year's performance, all things being as they should be :)

What’s more, we were in the stalls so I didn’t need to climb three million gazillion a couple of hundred stairs in order to find our seats and I didn’t need to walk down six flights of stairs to the loos, only to fall a*se over tit on the way up again and injure myself. What’s more, unlike London, blue badge holders can park pretty much wherever they like around these parts, including double yellows, so I didn’t get a parking fine either. It's just as well that both theatres being called The Lyceum wasn't a bad omen!

Considering the tickets were only ten quid each, I’d say it was definitely a worthwhile evening out. We did get ourselves a drink and a packet of smarties in the interval and I bought a programme because they deserve some support. But whereas before we would have had a restaurant meal beforehand, instead we ate a lovely meal at home: garlic and coriander marinated pork loin chops, garlic potato gratin and asparagus. It tasted as good as anything we’d get in a restaurant and at a fraction of the cost. Ok, so I had to prepare it and LM was supposed to wash up later although Richard kindly did it instead, but the money I saved by not eating out has gone straight into my kitchen fund. One step closer to the goal. I daren't think what anybody who came close to us and our garlic breath must have thought, though.

I’m glad we went and really want to make a trip out with LM a more regular occurrence. Last month we went to the theatre in London, the cinema and for a picnic in the park. Ok, so it’s not always frugal but bonding is important too and that comes through shared experiences. They don’t always have to cost much but as we both love going to the theatre, like going to see bands perform and enjoy the luxury of seeing a film at the cinema now and then (that’s how they were meant to be viewed, after all) I’m willing to spend a bit extra every month. I’m as frugal as I can be otherwise, so don’t feel guilty for splurging a little on what we consider to be worthwhile entertainment.

It was a good night out :)

Sharon J


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Teena said...

Its so nice to have a bit of "Arty Farty" I reckon....My mum took me to see "Phantom" god years ago at the Brisbane Lyric Theatre, I was so not looking forward to going but got dragged along because my Dad had spent ALOT of money on the tickets....I was in aww! The show was absolutley fantastic! I raved and raved about it for weeks, so glad I got dragged along

Sharon J said...

Nothing 'arty farty' about our local theatre, Teena. I've loved it since I was a kid and used to go to see the Christmas pantos. Seeing something performed live on stage is a completely different experience to watching a film - not necessarily better, just different :)

Your story just goes to prove that sometimes doing something we don't want to do can prove to be beneficial :)

Jade of the Jungle said...

Glad you had a lovely night out and got to spend some quality time with LM. You really can't put a price on that I think!

Jade x

Catz said...

What a lovely evening you both had! The garlic and coriander pork chops sound lovely too! Any chance of the recipe?

neimanmarxist said...

that sounds like a great night out!

Teena said...

Sharon...I hope I didn't offend you with my comment, my point was that it would have been nice to get all dressed up and share a night at the theatre with your partner. Sorry if I offended you.

Sharon J said...

@ Jade. You're right, you can't put a price on time spent with family although everything within reason :)

@ Catz. I've posted it today, just for you :)

@ Neimanmarxist. It was. Definitely :)

@ Teena. Don't worry, no offence was taken :)