Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What A Wonderful Friend

The Vienna Festival Ballet are going to be performing Swan Lake in Crewe at the end of the month. Swan Lake is one of the ballets that I’ve always wanted to see but have never had the chance to and the Vienna Festival Ballet are famous for performing classical ballets that are kept true to the original, just the way I like them.

I really wanted to see it but knew I couldn’t spent yet another £20 on entertainment this month. If it’d been a tenner then fair enough, but twenty quid was just too much. This saddened me somewhat but I have other priorities that had to come first.

Enter my friend Jo.

Knowing how much I wanted to go, she donated the extra tenner and told me to book that ticket pronto! She wouldn’t hear of anything else and told me it was as much for her as for me because then she’d get to hear all about it; the costumes, the sets…. everything.

Yesterday Richard went to the Lyceum and bought my ticket. I’m in more of less the same seat as when I went to see Annie (LM is coming with me this time too - she also loves the ballet) so we’ll have a good view and… oh, I just can’t wait! I’m gonna wee myself soon, I’m that excited!

What would life be without good friends?

Love you, Jo xx

Sharon J

UPDATE: After Jo gave it to me, I'd bunged the 'tenner' in my skirt pocket. When I got it out today to replace the money I'd taken out of my grocery envelope, I discovered that there were actually two! She'd paid for the whole ticket! Joanne... you're too good to me. Really, you are.


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Vicus Scurra said...

I have always seen Crewe as the natural home of "Swan Lake".

Sharon J said...

But of course, Vicus. We're very cultured here in (spoken with a posh accent) South Cheshire.

Caroline said...

I saw Swan Lake in Bristol a few years ago and it was really beautiful. I'm sure you will really enjoy it.

Debi said...


Jo said...

Oh you make me go and start crying now! Your my best friend and I want you to be happy. Anyway like you say I cannot wait to hear all about it.

Luv Jo xx

Jack said...

Ok, I will admit it. I like Swan Lake. Have a blast! And take a pic of the program if you can


Richard said...

Vicus, you're thinking of The Nutcracker.

Sharon J said...

@ Caroline. I'm absolutely certain I'll enjoy it.

@ Debi. You bet :)

@ Jo. Crying? Blimey, that's gotta be a first! No... I'm wrong - we were both dewy eyed when you gave the money to me. Just having you as a friend makes me happy :)

@ Jack. I'll do my best although my mobile phone camera takes dodgy photos so be warned.

@ Richard. LOL. Trust you to come out with something like that ;)