Thursday, 11 December 2008

I’m Waaaaaay Behind

My daughter smiled one of those “what on earth are you doing?” kind of smiles when I unpacked my knitting and cross-stitch in Malta, but all I can say is “Good job I took them”.

Because I’ve been ill since my return, I haven’t been able to do any knitting or sewing this week and it’s already Thursday. That means I’ve lost almost a week of making my Crimble pressies and even though I managed to do a bit in Malta, I’m way, way behind. I’d planned on using time spent just sitting in the room or on the roof terrace to keep up to schedule but I hadn’t planned on being brought down by this awful cold when I got home. Normally I’d spend at least a couple of hours every day working on my projects but that just hasn’t happened and now I don’t even know whether some people are actually going to even get their presents in time. If I hadn’t taken them to Malta then some would definitely not be getting anything because there wouldn’t be a snowball’s chance of ever catching up.

I was originally planning to get the tree and other decorations up this weekend too but I can’t see that happening either. I have no energy, my eye is sore and gummed up, my nose and sinuses are blocked, and all in all I’m feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself. Unless something radical happens before the weekend (that’s just one day away, isn’t it?), that tree just isn’t going up.

Can Christmas be postponed by a few weeks this year, please?

Sharon J xx

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Grow Ur Own said...

Oohh yes please! Cancelling Christmas for a few weeks is a great idea, an extra 3-4 weeks should be ideal. Even without the uhappiness of a cold, I too have lost time due to family issues etc.

I am really sorry that you are still poorly Sharon, never mind the tree and decs. It is more important that you get yourself feeling well again.

Becky said...

Sorry you're not well, I think the pressure of knowing you have to get things done at Christmas can make it worse in a way...

Get well soon xXx

Jennifer said...

Keep at it girl, you'll get them finished in time, I know it! :D


Sharon J said...

@ Grow Ur Own. I think Christmas should be a flexible festival with each of us celebrating at a time that suits us. Only problem is, that'd probably mean I'd just never get round to it.

@ Becky. No doubt the pressure isn't helping but I've now decided that if Christmas comes without me being ready for it then it isn't the end of the world. It's just Christmas, after all.

@ Jennifer. You really think so? I hope you're right :)

Debi said...

How 'Sharon' is that pic??? I'm willing to bet you've never wasted a single second of life, but then I suppose that depends on your definition of 'waste'.

Sod the schedule - just gather your formidable strength and get well. xxx

Sharon J said...

If there's one thing I hate, Debi, it's being bored so I always try to make sure I have something to do, preferably something productive although reading's good too :)