Monday, 15 December 2008

Pictures of Malta

Sliema - Malta's most popular tourist destination


The backstreets are narrow but incredibly quaint and certainly make for interesting driving.

A lot of the buses are very old and, I'm told, very uncomfortable. The good thing about them though, is that you can catch a bus from just about anywhere to get to just about anywhere else.

The sea surrounding Malta is said to be the clearest in the Mediterranean

Washing hanging out to dry in the street. It's a good job Malta doesn't attract the lager lout crowd or I doubt they'd be left hanging there long.

Popeye Village - the location of the film 'Popeye' starring Robin Williams

Marsaxlokk Harbour - a beautiful fishing village where life seems to have stood still for a very long time

Marsaxlokk is famed for it's colourful fishing boats (Luzzu)

Maltese Lace blowing in the breeze at the daily market

Mosta Dome - apparently the 3rd largest unsupported dome in the world

Inside Mosta Dome - an incredibly beautiful church

View from Gozo towards Comino and Malta. To be so far south, Malta and Gozo are both incredibly green and lush.

And finally, my baby, relaxing in the shade of an outdoor restuarant

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Canadian Saver said...

I really love your pictures, thanks so much for posting them!!!

Jack said...

Very beautiful pics!



Catz said...

Lovely photos Sharon! Hope you are feeling a bit better now!

Jennifer said...

Great photos, I never knew how beautiful malta was!


L-Jay said...

The pics are very beautiful - I love the blues.

Sharon J said...

@ Canadian Saver. I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

@ Jack. Thank you.

@ Catz. Up and down but I'm sure I'll be better soon :)

@ Jennifer. Me neither, I was very surprised by how beautiful it is. And the people are really nice too.

@ L-Jay. The sea is a really clear, intense blue. Absolutely stunning :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon
Came to visit your site after you commented on mine. I found it very interesting and will be back! I was especially interested to see your Malta pictures as we are going on a family holiday to Sliema in May with my daughter and her family

John said...

Great photos. Malta is my favorite travel destination.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos, I am in so much love with the seventh one down, looks so inviting and magical. Just stares at the picture for hours on end.

Sharon J said...

@ Granny Ann. I hope you enjoy your holiday. Sliema's a great starting point as you can get a bus to just about anywhere on the island from there :)

@ John. It's definitely one of mine now too :)

@ A pot... Beautiful, isn't it? You really have to see it to truly appreciate it though. I could have just looked at it for ages (you can actually go inside the village too)

CheapFlights said...

picture #2 is Gzira, not Sliema

Stress Relief said...

vice to see. lovely pics,

relief blog said...

Nice pics shown.

Anonymous said...

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