Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Will It Or Won't It Happen?

I really can’t see there being much of a Christmas in our house this year because I’m still stuck in bed with this rotten bug. I got up for a few hours at the weekend but that just set me back again so here I am, still ‘enjoying’ these same old four walls.

At the moment I’m surrounded by wrapping paper, presents, tags, ribbons, bubble wrap, brown paper, sellotape and other wrapping bits and bobs, trying to get things wrapped and ready to be put in the post. I’m still hoping there’s a chance things will get to their recipients before the big day, especially my son’s pressies, as he’s still a child in his mind and gets really excited about Santa bringing him presents.

I also have my embroidery and knitting on the bed with me, and Christmas cards that I’m gradually writing in between doing other stuff so you can imagine what it looks like here. In a king sized bed, I have just an edge to use cos the rest is covered in Christmas stuff. Well just because I have to rest, doesn’t mean I can’t do anything, does it? It just isn’t all that easy to do it all from the confines of a bed, but I’m getting there.

I’ve ordered all my Christmas food for home delivery because I’m pretty sure I won’t be fit enough to go shopping in time. I just hope I’m fit enough to actually make the Christmas dinner because my daughter sure as heck can’t do it. She can make hotpot and shepherd’s pie but that’s about it, unless you count warming up frozen pizza. Oh well, if we have to share a tin of soup then we’ll have to…. not quite the same though.

I’m still trying not to stress over any of it. Stress just makes me ill (my body doesn’t deal with it well and it’s landed me in hospital before) so I have to stay zen-like about Christmas. Ha! I can’t say that’s working exactly because I am getting pretty fed up with the situation now, but I can’t compromise my health for the sake of Christmas.

I just wish my immune system worked properly and maybe this bug wouldn’t have hit me quite as bad. I can’t easily shake them off y’see and as much as my doctors tell me that I should avoid viruses whenever possible, I’m still part of this world and it’s inevitable that sometimes….

Oh well, we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Sharon J xx


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Lizzie said...

Hi Sharon
You know its going to happen with or without you. How about planning a meal you daughter can cope twith just in case, and then having the real deal when you are better or at least can supervise? Hope you feel better soon and just chilll out, its just another day.

Jade of the Jungle said...

Don't stress! Christmas doesn't have to be about all the paraphenalia, just enjoy the time with your family.

I've been levelled by a virus too, it's now day number five of feverish snuffliness. So you have my sympathies! I'm being far less productive than you though, so my hats off to you!

Take it easy, health is #1 but you don't need me to tell you that


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Hi Sharon, a few years back I was in the same position as you, reading your blog was like rereading my diary. I got so behind and so stressed out about it that my daughter came up with the decision to postpone the celebrations for a week. What bliss, I tipped everything off the bed and slept. It may have been a week late but it was great fun. Take care and get well.

Sharon J said...

@ Lizzie. My daughter couldn't cope with anything other than frozen pizza without supervision so that's out. If the worse comes to the worse, I'm sure Richard will step up and save the day but I'm hoping I'll be well enough to do it myself. Still got more than a week so there's hope :)

@ Jade. I know it isn't about all the paraphenalia but it would be nice to at least have the tree up. At the moment it just doesn't feel like Christmas here at all.

@ Margaret. You mean I'm not the only one who's mad enough to fill her bed with all this stuff? Phew!

Chris said...

Hi Sharon!

Take care and hope you can feel better really soon.

I have let everybody else do the things I now cannot and must not do! Pneumonia here is making things tough and hard work just to breathe! Its either behave or be admitted and so I am trying to learn to behave!

Christmas is not anywhwere near as important as your health and people who are friends will understand if they don't get a card or gif! you can have a nice meal anytime and so get well first! At least I do not need to think about the meals! I can just about manage to sort out my feeds now and tolerate about half of what I should have! That is OK and so I am having "imaginary turkey " in the form of jevity promote for my Christmas lunch! Easy prepartion and about as much effort as I could manage anyway! Pneumonia can go as quickly as it came!

Anyway Sharon I should not be writing too much more! Doubt if its part of my good behavour plan!! LOL!


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Hi Sharon,

I hope you will feel better soon!
It seems like everyone is getting sick now because of the weather... I can't wait for Summer.
I ordered most of the gifts online as well, when you go to the shops you buy much more than you planned ;)
Have a nice day,

Carol said...

I can imagine the bed.
I used to share the house with someone just like that!! LOL

Solorn said...

I wish I could come and take care of things for you for a few days. I don't celebrate Christmas, I have Yule instead, but I do remember the stress and headaches it used to cause with all the food etc. All I can do is send you long distance hugs and positive energy for a swift recovery.

Blessed be hunny. *huggles*

Debi said...

You need to prioritise!

The lovely card you sent is greatly appreciated, but should have come a lot lower on your list of essential things to do. Not that I'm not grateful, but you only have so much energy - put yourself first for once!