Monday, 1 December 2008

Simply Spreading A Bit of Bloggy Love

Hi, I'm A Piece of Wood from the blog of the same name and I have to say I felt a bit like Stan Laurel when Sharon asked me to do a guest post, literally scratching my head wondering what to write about.

I've been blogging on and off for about 2 years. I spent the first year in relative isolation, with a private blog and then another one that no one read, which suited me fine at the time, but as my main focus for blogging changed earlier this year, so did my blog. I'm all about a green, simple and frugal life and as I started to blog about these things, within weeks I'd found others that were doing exactly the same.

If you think about the similarities between the blogging world and real life, blogging for me is like 'living' in a community. Everyone is similar in some aspects, but so different in others. It's like having neighbours in your computer, that will give you advice, share their experiences, offer opinions, help you out if they can and sometimes seriously put the world back into perspective for you. Bloggers seem to gravitate towards other bloggers that share like minded goals or whom have gone through similar experiences. Just click on blogrolls and you invariably find a whole host of other blogs similar to the writers. I spend way too many an hour surfing blogrolls, but have found some great blogs that way.

It's strange when you think about the different ways people come into your life, but blogging really made me stop and think about just that.

I find it pretty amazing how much kindness, friendship and warmth comes across the web. This is never more evident when for whatever reason, you have a day where life just isn't working out the way you planned, but when you get online, you find a comment from someone who probably doesn't know you, has never met you and probably never will, but whom has taken the time to read your post and comment back.

Many a time, I've read a comment that has cheered me up, made me giggle,or just made me beam from ear to ear. For me, you can't get much more simple than that.


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Margaret's Ramblings said...

I totally agree with you. I have been only blogging a short while and it has opened up a whole new community for me. I have made friends with some that I would never had contact in the "real" world. I also had spent many an hour just trawling the blog world and the gift I receive every time is inspirartion. By the way, who was the first blogger?

Richard said...

I would rather have a disparate collection of ne'er do wells on my blogroll than people who were going to agree with me all the time without challenging what I think or telling me to get stuffed occasionally. As long as they have a sense of humour!

livingmyrichlife said...

I love the sense of community we get from blogging. I just started a new blog recently to get down some of my thoughts about my journey to a simpler, greener life. I love finding new, like minded bloggers and learning all the time.

SailingSimplicity said...

I am seeking that wonderful blogging community that you are talking about. I know its out there, as I have met a few great people, and I will discover it more. I only started blogging hopefully it will pick up soon. But as far as simplicity goes....its NOT SIMPLE!!! ACK! I find it very time consuming and difficult, actually. But I'll keep looking for the simpler side of it.

Cabbage Heart said...

Sharon asked me to do a guest post as well and as humbled as I was...I declined....I wasn't comfortable posting in her space so to speak. Im glad you're spreading the love "Wood", hope Sharon is ok...I miss her.

Richard said...

Sharon is having a good time, I heard from her this morning. You can bet your life she won't be missing this country and the weather one bit :)

Sharon J said...

You're quite right, Richard. I wasn't. Not in the least. Well... apart from my bed... and Poppy & Jack (it's strange how they drive me mad yet I miss them when they're not around).