Monday, 22 December 2008

O Christmas Tree

Just when I thought we’d never get the tree up in time, my daughter stepped up and did the business.

Here’s the final result.

It’s a sod to put up as each individual branch has to be put on and their colour coded by size, only we don’t have the code list anymore so it’s anybody's guess where they go. She managed it alone in an evening though (yes, it takes that long) and the next morning the lights and baubles went on. Not all 300 of them, that would have taken her too long alone, but all of the best ones and some of the smaller ones. It may not be quite as laden as usual but I still think it looks pretty. Thank LM, a job well done.

Here are a few pictures of my favourite baubles collected over the years (although some aren’t strictly baubles, but you get the gist).

And bless her, she'd even bought a bunch of pretty roses to cheer the place up during the run up to Christmas.

Now there’s just the other bits and bobs to be dotted around the living room. I can do that as I go along over the next few days though. Christmas, it seems, is coming to our house after all :)

Sharon J xx


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Gavin said...

Well done to LM for cheering you up Sharon. What a great girl you have there. Merry Christmas and have a great time on the day.


Laura @ mtp said...

It looks lovely Sharon - LM did well :)

Jade of the Jungle said...

Good work LM! Looks like you're all set up and ready to go, Sharon. Have a lovely, lovely Christmas xx

Sharon J said...

@ Gavin. LM is one of those people who can go ages without doing much then suddenly she steps in and surprises everybody :)

@ Laura. Thanks. I think it looks lovely too :)

@ Jade. I think we're just about all set now so I'm finally looking forward to the big day :)

Carol said...

Mmmmm that red 'bauble' definitely looks like one of your old nipple tassles!! Merry Chrimbo and Happy New Year Clank. Glad you caught up!! Catch up with you 2009!! xxx

Sharon J said...

It looks a damned sight better on the tree than on my nipple though, Caz. Especially now that everything's 'gone south' :)