Saturday, 13 December 2008

Photo Tag

Yet another tag. This time it was Donna over at A More Green and Simple Life that tagged me (it must be tag season) and the idea is to go to the sixth photo folder on your computer, pick the sixth photo there and post it. Simple enough.

This is a photo taken on a canal boat holiday I had with my friend Carol last October. The weather was wonderful and the scenery beautiful. It’s the Shropshire Union Canal, which was constructed way back in 1772, taken somewhere between Nantwich, which is part of the borough I live in, and Market Drayton. Even though we holidayed VERY locally, you see your surroundings from a completely different perspective from the canals. Canal holidays are a lot of hard work but very, very peaceful.

The tag now goes to:

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Sharon J xx


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Becky said...

Its a lovely photo, Shropshire is beautiful... I read somewhere that Tolkein was partly inspired by Shropshire for 'the Shire' in Lord of The Rings :)

L-Jay said...

This scene reminds me of the movie 'Chocolat' - mmmmh, chocolate. Or maybe I'm thinking of the chocolate river in Willy Wonka?


Sharon J said...

@ Becky. Yes, I've heard that but I think it was further south than we were.

@ L-Jay. LOL. I'm blowed if I know what you were thinking of :)