Thursday, 3 July 2008

10 Places I’d Like To See Before I Die

I’ve just been reading a few blogs with lists of "places to visit before you die" and got to thinking about which ten places I’d like to visit.

Here's my list, if you're interested.

The Midnight Sun - Norway, North of the Arctic Circle

Oban, Scotland

Havana, Cuba

Granada, Andalucia - Spain

Limousin, France

The Maldives, South Asia

Copenhagen, Denmark

Plitvice, Croatia

Halkidiki, Greece

County Cork, Ireland

The Maldives and Havana are both long-haul flights so a bit naughty really, but as they’re probably the only two long-haul trips I’ll make in my lifetime – assuming I actually get to them – I’ll forgive myself. And I’ll plant some trees to help compensate. Honest.

Sharon J xx


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Pat said...

Even though you didnt write much, I really enjoyed that because of the lovely photos you chose. I've been to Havana and it IS worth visiting. Haven't been to any of the other places on your list but would love to flat out on a beach in the maldives. When shall we go?

Sharon J said...

If only it were that easy to just book and go. But unless you've got about £1000 going spare...

A tent in Delamere Forest is more my mark at the moment :)

New Leaf said...

There's nothing wrong with a spot of camping!

I'm off to central southern France in a bit....can't wait.

Great photos and something to dream about.

Sharon J said...

You're telling me there isn't! We've had many a great holiday in a tent.

Enjoy France :)

WebSmith said...

I haven't been to Russia yet. I would like to stand in front of some of the architecture and imagine the men building it and how they must have done it. I met some Russian men at the Sheraton in Tel Aviv who were very friendly and fun.

I sold a business in Chicago a little over 20 years ago and was trying to figure out what to do next. I packed a bag and flew to Rome, rented a car, and drove around the country for a month staying in villages and drinking wine with the locals. It was a really good trip.

The greens in Ireland and the way the fog lays in the crevices in the land makes you understand how they came up with the fairies and other imaginary creatures.

The picture of Plitvice has me thinking about expanding my pond.

Sharon J said...

I haven’t really travelled much at all. I lived in a country (Norway) that was so incredibly beautiful that I never felt the need to leave it too often so the only countries I’ve seen, apart from England and Wales are Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, Morocco and Tenerife. Even now I don’t feel an urgent need to explore the world and even though there are a few places I’d like to see, it’s no big deal if I don’t.

I was invited to the former Soviet Union by my employers (Russians) back in the 80s but as I was pregnant at the time, I thought it best not to. I didn’t want to find myself in hospital with complications over there!
Italy would be nice to visit but the major cities are, from what I’ve heard, just too packed with tourists for comfort.

It turns out Richard quite fancies a visit to Cork so seeing that fog could well be on the cards one day. My mum also wants to see Ireland so there’s another possibility there.

I'm sure a miniature Plitvice would look lovely in your garden :)