Friday, 18 July 2008

Six Months On

It’s now six months since I wrote my very first post here after deciding that I wanted to get serious about simplifying my life again.

In those six months I’ve either learned or been reminded that:

…I’d started to forget just how good it feels to live simply because, although I never became a full member of the ‘must have brigade’, during recent years I’d started to become increasingly consumer oriented.

…sometimes it can be difficult to resist the urge to spend money but I can keep it at bay by reminding myself that all this consumer madness isn’t do either me or the rest of the earth’s population any good.

…somebody has to buy new stuff in order for their to be used stuff available so there’s no point in pointing a finger at those who do.

…buying things just because we want them isn‘t good for us. We lose our sense of value and just end up wanting more stuff.

...that, having said the above, sometimes what appear to be 'wants' can actually be 'needs'. The soul needs feeding too, after all.

…we can never have everything we want. No matter how much we buy, there will always be something else that’s bigger and better that we'll want.

...wants and needs are two entirely different things.

…when we make do with what we have, we learn to value those things more.

…to be more aware of the kind of food I give my children and guests. Variety is key to getting the right amount of nutrients.

…when I’m doing housework, I'm happier using eco-friendly, household products rather than damaging commercial detergents and cleaners.

…walking my dog along the canal towpath gives me far more pleasure than a trip to a shopping centre.

...that while eating out is good, preparing and eating a meal at home can be just as good especially when the meal's appreciated by those you cook for.

…even though I love the scents and sights of a travelling funfair, I don’t need to have a burger and a stick of candyfloss to enjoy it.

…just because I’m pushing fifty doesn’t mean I have to own loads of stuff in order to appear ‘successful’. True success is living the life that you’re happy with yourself.

…other people’s views of my lifestyle are totally irrelevant.

…what remains of my health is important to me so I really must stop smoking.

…the more I learn about green issues, the more I want to do my bit for the environment.

...I'm more in touch with my spiritual side when I'm not weighed down by 'stuff'.

…I am neither happy nor comfortable in the company of materialistic people.

…clutter does my head in. Even though I’m to blame for most of the clutter in this house, it stresses me something awful.

…a place for everything and everything in its place really does make life easier.

...while there should always be a place for spontaneity, certain areas of life are easier with proper organisation.

…paying off my debts and seeing my savings grow makes me feel far more secure than spending money I didn’t have ever did.

…there are actually more notches on the belt than I’d thought there were.

Sharon J


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Jack said...


You've inspired me to do a 6 month/1 year list for myself as well. It's a good way to keep track of lessons learned or relearned. Please remind me when the time comes, if you can.



laura said...

there are some great lessons here Sharon... if there's one thing I've learnt on my debt free journey its that the pressure of trying to keep up with the jones' can push you over the edge. Rejecting a consumer lifestyle gets you your life back!

Sharon J said...

I'll try Jack. No promises though.

You've hit the nail there, Laura. It does get your life back on track.

Anonymous said...

You are great!

Frugal Trenches said...

Those are some wonderful reflections!

Sharon J said...

Thanks, both :)

Jennifer said...

Fantastic blog Sharon! So true, so true. See how wise you are?!?

Keep up the inspiring writings!