Sunday, 6 July 2008

Decluttering Again

Out of clutter find simplicity ~ Albert Einstein

I’ve been working on the ‘pantry’ again today. For those who don’t know, that’s the big cupboard under the stairs that used to be home to some food but mostly all sorts of junk that might be useful one day – so useful that I’d forgotten what was even buried in there. Squatters could have moved in there and I probably wouldn’t have known!

Anyway, the last of the junk was finally removed this morning along with the things that actually are useful but were never used because I couldn’t get at them, then Richard installed more shelves. He sawed, screwed and drilled like a real DIY guy (Richard isn’t too keen on DIY, y'see) and the final result was very good. I now have twice as many shelves and have sworn that I will not clutter it up again. No way. Not a chance. It’s just not going to happen (get the feeling I’m trying to convince myself here?).

The kitchen table, the chairs, and the work surfaces are now laden with everything that came out. I binned some as I went along but by the end I was fast running out of energy and the most important thing was to get the stuff out. I’ll go through it all tomorrow (hopefully my energy levels will be high enough) and decide what should be kept, what should be recycled, what can be used for something else, and what needs to be binned. Once I’ve done that, I’ll put the food in ‘pantry’ and store the things I’m keeping on the shelves where the food’s been kept (stacked sky high and impossible to get to without everything falling down). Until the kitchen’s eventually finished, things are just going to have to have temporary homes.

It feels good to be getting somewhere and it shouldn’t be too long now before I can get my ‘almost’ son-in-law round to take the wall cabinets down, decorate and put new cabinets up. At least that’ll be phase one over and done with.

Sharon J


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