Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Small Decluttering Task

Yesterday I decided to do a small decluttering job but one that really needed attention. I cleared out my card holder.

It's one of those things that you open up and flip through lots of plastic pages that each hold some kind of card. Mine was full and for what reason? I had no idea. I don't use it that often so why so many cards?

I had an old Morrison's Miles card that's no longer valid, a membership card to a political party I'm no longer a member of, an accountant's card even though I no longer run a business, the plastic info card from our local tattoo parlour when I'm perfectly capable of just keeping the phone number in my book, an old membership card to a local rock club that's out of date (the new one was in there too), an old rent payment card that's also out of date along with the new one which I don't strictly need as payments are made via direct debit but I'll keep it in case I need to make any extra payments and a T-mobile top up card even though I haven't had a PAYG phone for donkey's years.

Why is it that some people tend to hang onto crap while others are natural declutterers? All I can say is that even though I'm not a natural declutterer, simplifying has changed my attitude a heck of lot because life really is so much easier when you rid yourself of what you don't need.

Sharon J


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