Monday, 28 July 2008

Update Re Theft


I’m sure those of you who found the time to offer support to LM and myself through the comments and emails will be glad to know that last night a very nice (polite and empathetic as well as tall, dark and handsome) policeman returned her handbag.

Apparently it’d been found in some bushes about 500 yards from where she works and handed in, albeit minus her driver’s license, bank card, student discount cards - although she’s no longer officially a student but no doubt the thieves will be picking up ’their’ discounts - and other bits and bobs. Amazingly, the keys were still in it though!


And whoever took it had left one card in her purse (removed absolutely everything else) with her name on it. Maybe they thought they’d leave it so that there would be a chance of it being returned to her? Why otherwise leave just that one?

We’re both VERY relieved that the keys are back home, safe and sound. We can breath out and wave bye-bye to the hassle of getting a new car, getting a quote for the locks, switching the insurance, transferring the tax and so forth. I’m amazed though, that whoever took it didn’t put two and two together and realise that they car key must fit the only car that was parked ‘out back’ that day though. They could so easily have had that away!

She doesn't want to pursue the matter with her company any more; she just wants to get on with her work, save and go to Norway. Fair enough, although I still think a proper apology from the manager for leaving the back door open would be in order. She has, however, emailed head office and reported it.

The least they could do now is reinstall the lockers. They had them until a couple of months ago when they were removed because 'they were taking up too much room'!

Oddly enough, yesterday morning she mentioned that about half an hour before she discovered her bag had gone, she’d been thinking “I’m lucky to never have had anything stolen” and wondered whether she may have been thinking that at the very time the thief was half-inching her stuff. I suggested that maybe her guardian angel was sending her a message, as I believe they often do, but that she wasn’t picking it up clearly. She then asked her angel to bring the key safely back to her. Coincidence? Maybe. The work of her angel? Maybe. There’s more to life than we can pick up with our five accepted senses…. or so I believe.

Sharon J


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ramtops said...

Oh, that's excellent news - I'm delighted!

Catz said...

Just catching up! Thank goodness she has those keys! As you say the bank cards etc can be stopped and replaced but the car was going to be a bit of a problem! I too would be furious with her mananger.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant news!

Marelisa said...

You'd think that stealing was stealing, but I think there's a big difference between stealing a purse and stealing a car. The chances of getting caught if you steal a car are higher than if you steal a purse, take out everything of value, and then dump it. It's good they didn't steal her car and that she got her purse and keys back.

Gavin said...

Thank goodness most of it worked out for the best. At least cards can be cancelled. As you previously mentioned, it is a lot harder to cancel a car with no keys!

Sharon J said...

Thanks for the support again, people. She's still discovering cards that are missing. Her sister asked if they could go to the gym but she couldn't because she's lost her membership card and will need a replacement. She also had to go to the video shop to stop anybody from using her card there as they could easily have rented a DVD or computer game and just never returned it.

@ Catz. She's pretty p***ed off with her manager but the manager, apparently, is being nice as pie to her at the moment. Didn't even complain when she arrived late yesterday morning. She knows full well that if LM says anything, she'll be out of a job.

@ Marelisa. Yes, there is a greater danger of being caught when you steal a car but a lot of the youngsters these days don't seem to care about that. They know they'll just get off with a warning most of the time anyway.

Still, all's well that ends well. Things are a lot better than they first looked.

Richard said...

Ironically, if they'd stolen it at least it would have been covered under the insurance!

Frugal Trenches said...

Oh I'm thrilled for you!

Sharon J said...

No, she wouldn't have been, Richard. She only has third party :(

Thanks, FT.

Richard said...

Not third party fire and theft?

Sharon J said...

Nope. Third party alone costs over £80 a month as it is. Adding fire and theft would have brought it up to over £100 and fully comp was just so ridiculous that you'd have to be filthy rich to afford it. Young driver, not long had license... you know how it is.