Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Frugal Freezer

No long intro - I haven’t the time. Here’s a list of food that can be frozen but often isn’t just because a lot people don’t actually know that it can be.

Onions - if you’re chopping an onion you may as well chop several and freeze the rest for later use in cooking. No good trying to eat them as fresh onions in salads and stuff, though.

Peppers - Slice ‘em up and freeze them. Again, only use them in cooking but even if you can’t use them like fresh peppers, it’s better than chucking them in the bin or even composting them, right?

Chillis - Can be frozen whole. No good for eating other than in sauces and the likes but who really wants to munch on them anyway?

Tomatoes - Past their best? Chop ‘em up, freeze and use later in spag bol and other tomato based sauces.

Potatoes - As far as I know (I could be wrong) you can’t freeze plain old boiled potatoes but you can freeze left over mash. Handy to use for making bubble and squeak.

Mushrooms - Slice and either fry in a little olive oil then freeze or freeze them raw. Can be chucked into a sauce or casserole while still frozen.

Tinned Veg - If you’ve opened a tin of veg but won’t be using it all up, freeze what’s left over to use another time.

Bread - If you just want a small loaf, it’s cheaper to buy a bigger one, split it and freeze half for later.

Cheese - Generally also cheaper when bought as a large block. Freezes well either whole or grated (although grated frozen cheese is best used in sauces and similar, rather than in salads).

Butter - Found your favourite butter on special offer? Buy several packs and freeze them. There’s no difference one thawed.

Wine - Freeze it in the ice-cube tray, pop them into bags then use to add to sauces and what-have-you.

There you go. Hopefully some of that was helpful.

Maybe you have some freezing tips to share?

Sharon J


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Eco-Gites of Lenault said...

We always bulk buy cheddar in England and freeze it grated - perfect for small boys who still don't like "smelly French cheese"

Sharon J said...

We have some friends who always buy their cheddar here to take back with them, too. When I lived in Norway, the thing I missed the most was Oxo cubes. Strange how the little things can suddenly become important :)

Anonymous said...

You have leftover wine??????????

Sharon J said...

A few dregs in the bottom, very occasionally.

R said...

leftover mash is lovely defrosted and reheated with a (big) lump of butter and a huge dollop of double cream to make 'naughty mash'... mmm...

Erm - didn't understand the last item on your list at all! That'd be like me finding leftover chocolate!

Sharon J said...

Thanks for the tip, R. I'll have to try that.

There's a huge difference between wine and chocolate. I don't like chocolate much. Wine, however....