Saturday, 19 July 2008

Punching The Air

I know this isn’t going to seem like much of an achievement to some of you but those who know me will understand just how huge it was and why I had to share it.

On Thursday I walked all the way around Asda!

I didn’t do my big shop - I’m not that strong - just bought a few top-up bits and pieces that I’d normally have to send somebody else out to get for me. LM carried the basket until it got too heavy then Lise’s boyfriend took over. Lise and Bjorn had a tendency to wander off on their own - it was all new and exciting for him, who’d never been to England before, let alone inside an English supermarket - but LM stayed resolutely by my side in case I flagged or became ill and then found the check out with the shortest queue for me.

When I got back outside and into the car, I felt like punching the air. A couple of months ago I was starting to think I’d never be able to do anything ‘normal’ again but every achievement along the way has given me renewed faith in myself. I can and I will live a life outside of these four walls!

Admittedly, my legs hurt like nobody’s business that night but as they say, no gain without pain and the more I do these things, the easier it will become. I just have to remind myself not to push too hard - one step at a time and I’ll get there in the end.

Sharon J


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Anonymous said...

Be proud!!!

Catz said...

Well done Sharon! A brilliant achievement! I remember that feeling so well and the feeling of achievement when I did it. Remember not to overdo it though! (((hugs))) to LM for being so supportive and looking out for you.

Sharon J said...

D'ya know who I'm really proud of, Cherry? The members of my family that brought me up to be a fighter. Seeing how they dealt with adversity taught me a lot.

The feeling's positively orgasmic, if you ask me, Catz. I'm still buzzing off it.

LM shone that day.