Monday, 14 July 2008

Feeling Chuffed

I’m really pleased with myself this week. Not in a smug kind of way, rather a ‘punch the air and shout YESSSS!’ kind of way. In fact, I haven’t felt so chuffed for quite a while.

This week I’ve finished decluttering the big cupboard and turned it into a pantry, sorted all the stuff that came out of the big cupboard, found new, albeit temporary homes for some, freecycled some, donated some, and chucked some. The kitchen is once again reasonably clean and tidy (floor NEVER looks clean - tidy is something belonging to the future as I have way too few cupboards) and the table’s clear again. We may even be able to eat off of it! Weyhey!

I’ve also decluttered and cleaned Paul’s room. I shall be using it while Lise and her boyfriend are visiting and as it had been used pretty much as a storage room while Paul’s been away at Mum’s, drastic measures were needed. Needless to say, a lot of ‘crap’ had to go. And even though it’s in dire need of decorating and the carpet’s foul, I’ve also made my own bedroom look at least a bit more welcoming. Tomorrow I shall pick flowers in the garden to put in there ready for their arrival. Fresh flowers can make such a difference, don’t you think?

I’ve taken a trip to the recycling centre and made a couple of my own meals, even though Richard - who’s my official carer - has been here to do it for me. I’ve swept floors, done the dishes and tidied the living room. I’ve got my accounts back in order and listed everything that’s in the pantry. The freezer will be sorted and listed later today.

Now I realise none of this will appear to be much of an achievement to most but it’s no more than a month and a half ago that I was so weak I couldn’t even stand for more than a minute and even that caused me tremendous pain. I had no stamina at all and was falling asleep at the drop of a hat. From that to what I’ve managed this week has been such a huge step that I feel as if I’ve just won the London Marathon.

Admittedly, Richard has helped with the heavy stuff (thank you, Richard. I couldn‘t have done it without you) as I just don’t have the muscle strength to do everything for myself, but even so…

Every step along the way has let me see the proverbial light a little clearer until this point, where it’s shining big and bright and I know that one day I’ll emerge feeling more like the Sharon of two years ago again.

I’ll always have days where my energy’s low and nothing will get done, but those days will eventually become fewer and life will be easier.

I’m feeling happy and contented and I wouldn’t swap this feeling for all the tea in China.

Sharon J


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New Leaf said...

Well done you....what an achievement. My place is cluttered at the best of times. (I don't like chucking things out just in case!) I bet you feel very pleased to have had a big clear out.

You've got me all inspired now. I can feel a sorting out session coming on!

Gavin said...

Well done Sharon. That post has just given me the inspiration to get through this next week of bedrest.


Jack said...

Congrats! It's definitely a step forward. In the middle of something similar myself. Going room by room, but I should hopefully see some results fairly quickly. Always good to be inspired. Thanks!


Sharon J said...

@ New Leaf. I'm a natural clutterer and yet I actually hate clutter. Doesn't make sense, does it? It's been hard getting rid of some of that stuff but I've been waving a whip at myself :)

@ Gavin. Hope you get through the week without getting too bored. I know just how long those days can be.

@ Jack. Good luck. At least I don't have a huge house to declutter ;)

shabby chic said...

Hi Sharon
I bet that was a nice feeling getting it done. Especially too that you could manage it physically. Well done it gives your mind a boost to do something that has been niggling for a while. Baby steps are good to start with x x

Anonymous said...

Well done know I love a good declutter!

Thanks for lifting my spirits this weekend :)

Sharon J said...

@ Shabby Chic. I do tend to push myself too hard but am learning to control that now. You know what they say about the way Rome was built :)

@ Move to Portugal. Happy to have been of service :)