Monday, 28 July 2008

And The Award Goes To…


I’ve been given two awards recently by people who enjoy this blog.

I’m not usually into the “hey, look what I won” culture but I do think it’s kind of cool to know that the work I’ve been putting into keeping up with my daily posts and sharing what I’m learning and have learned is being appreciated so a huge thank you goes to Chris at “My Peggy Peg” and to Dom at “Shabby Shac”.

First up was Chris’s award.

This was actually given to me a while back but I never got around to sorting it out. There always seemed to be something else I had to be getting on with. Sorry, Chris. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate it.

The second to be presented was Dom’s.

I was given this one just a few days ago so I’ve actually been quite efficient this time. It came with a note saying that it should be passed on to x number of other bloggers who have inspired me but I can’t remember how many and I’m too damned lazy to go back and find out.
I’ll just pass it on to the following:

Notes From The Frugal Trenches” - a relatively young woman’s journey (that's relative to a middle-aged, worn out old wellington boot like me) towards a more frugal lifestyle that will give her a more sustainable future. Many a beautifully written, inspirational post.

Gavin at “The Greening of Gavin” - an Australian blogger who shares why he chose to live a more sustainable lifestyle and how he does it. I love his friendly, casual style, even though his posts are often about subjects that are far from casual.

Jack at “Adventure in Voluntary Simplicity” - a guy who’s been living the ‘high life’ but has discovered that there’s a better road happiness and satisfaction. His style is refreshingly honest and for that alone the man deserves respect.

Sara at “On Simplicity” - one of the most beautifully written blogs I visit. This lady knows what she’s talking about and says it most eloquently.

Debi at “Debi Alper” - a writer and wonderfully honest person who often writes short but thought provoking posts.

Catz at “Catz Corner” - the everyday goings on of one woman’s journey towards a more environmentally friendly and frugal lifestyle (and she’s a great car-boot bargain hunter!)

I’m sorry if I’ve missed you out, but y’know how it is… there are loads of brilliant blogs and making a choice isn’t easy. I may be into de-cluttering, but de-cluttering my blogroll isn’t going to happen. Not yet, anyhow.

If you’ve been nominated, apparently you can either just accept the award and then go away and forget all about it, or you can display it on your blog and pass it along to some others.

Thanks again, Chris and Dom.

Sharon J xx

UPDATE: Today, 30th July, I was nominated for the Brilliante Weblog award for the second time, this time by 'Home Matters Most'.


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Debi said...

Thanks, honey.

I rarely disagree with you but I have to take issue with the worn out old wellington boot description!

The only bit I might just accept is the 'boot' - as long as it's got a pointy toe and heel and is red. (I might tolerate black at a pinch ...)

shabby chic said...

Hi Sharon,
You totally deserve youre awards for being a great blogger and always doing great posts as well as being a great person with great values & qualities
Its very warm outside, so I have come in to catch up and read blogs !
X Dom

Gavin said...

Sharon, you deserve all the recognition for such a passionate blog.. Congratulations, and thankyou very much for presenting me with the Best Weblog award as well. It really made my day, and then I found out that I had been nominate for another award here in Australia by my son. I don't care what anyone says, it feels good to be recognized for making changes for the better, because those changes are hard work.

Thanks again, Gavin

Sharon J said...

@ Debi. That's some boot you've described. I shall take that vision with me through life :)

@ Shabby Chic. You know how to make a grown woman blush, don't you?

@ Gavin. I read about your nomination and wish you the very best of luck. You really deserve that kind of recognition.

Frugal Trenches said...

Thank you! I'll display proudly! Just need to figure out how to post it, wordpress is a tad difficult @ that!

Sharon J said...

Hmm... I used wordpress for a while but I can't for the life of me remember how to do that. Good luck :)